Face Design

A medical device uses for treating and removing cause of chronic acnes, Mallorca acnes, steroid acnes, sensitive skin, dry skin, inflamed skin, wrinkles, or unpleasant uneven skin tone. With this non-invasive tool, a radio wave transfer cold plasma to diminish degraded skin cells, stimulate skin cell production and reduce acne inflammation without wound or pain. All treatment procedure is controlled by a professional physician.

A medical tool exceptionally uses for removing a double chin, lifting nasolabial folds, eyebrows and facial skin, reducing wrinkles around forehead and eyes, and esthetically reshaping face and mouth as well. Three combining technologies including HIFU (High Intensity Focusing Ultrasound) Lines Fractionated beam, Tri Mircro Focal Ultrasound, and Cold Laser will give you a stunning result since the first treatment without any pain, surgery, rehabilitation, or wound. The treatment is also very safe due to professional physician control.

Pelleve´ is a medical device used for fine to moderate wrinkle treatment, which is suitable for all skin types. The device helps soothing and tightening wrinkles and reyouthing the skin by using radiofrequency technology (RF) from the Pelleve´ without causing skin injury, surgery, or any rehabilitation. This non-invasive technology is operated by professional doctors.

Fine Touch is a laser treatment used for treating scars, acne scars, oily skin, wrinkles, stretch marks, large pores. Fine Touch uses Fractional Erbium Laser technology combining with an innovative Semi Ablative Fractional Laser. Operating by doctors, this technology can be performed on the skin without wound opening, piercing, or destroying the skin.

A medical device developed by Biophoton, France, is medically used for treating many skin problems such as burns, uneven skin tone, inflamed skin, infected wounds, white stretch marks, vasodilation, and premature wrinkles. Controlled by professional physician, a safety, heatless, and painless proton from light will penetrate your skin to fix these problems.

FRACTORA™ Fractional Technology, a medical Fractional radio-frequency treatment, is widely used to cure skin structure problems such as acne scars and scars, rejuvenate skin turgor, decrease undesirable wrinkles, and strengthen skin structures from the inside. Your skin will absolutely look healthier.

Vbeam is a laser from Candella Company, USA. The laser is gentle to the skin, and it is absorbed very well by red blood cells and melanin pigment in the skin. Therefore, it is able to treat superficial vascular anomalies (maximum depth is 1.5 mm.) on various areas such as facial capillaries telangiectasia, varicose veins, hypertrophic scar, vascular birthmarks, abnormal redness areas, stretch marks, warts, reddish acne scars, redness around the nose, wrinkles, etc. Vbeam can also treat abnormal blood vessels under the skin caused by inflammation by relieving its symptoms down to 75-90% after patients continuously undergo the treatment 3-5 times or follow the treatment plan.

What is EnerJet technology? EnerJet is a new technology and innovation that treat skin problems including damaged skin, sagging, scars, acne scars, stretch marks, untightened neck or facial skin. The treatment is operated without needles, no need to recuperate, and no thermal heating on the skin. Moreover, it gives effective results, and you can see a change within 60 minutes after treatment.

Venus Viva™ is a medical tool from Venus Concept, Canada. With Nano Fractional Radio Frequency and Smart Scan Technology, Venus Viva™ is potentially used for recover acne scars and atrophic scars, remove large facial pores, reduce wrinkles around face, neck, and hands, lift facial and neck skin, even your skin tone, exfoliate and brighten your skin, and also treat unwanted white stretch marks. It is safe, suitable for all skin types, and operated by a professional physician.

Thermage uses the Monopolar Radiofrequency (Monopolar RF) energy delivering heat from the tip into the deep layer of the skin to remodel existing collagen and elastin fibers and to stimulate the production of new collagen and elastin. New collagen and elastin fibers help tightening the skin, producing a smoother, giving natural sleeker and younger without affecting to the outer skin (epidermis). Moreover, the treatment effect is long lasting.

LDM, a medical tool developed by the German company, Nemectron, can fix all skin problems by producing new skin cells and adjusting trauma cell structures. Scars, atrophic scars, keloids, blisters, and inflamed skin due to acnes or rashes can be recovered.

The Ulthera® is a new technology for aesthetic practices and is the only one that is US FDA-cleared for non-invasive lift. The effectivity of the ultrasound lift will last for about one year

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