Health Care Program: Natural Hormone Therapy

Natural Hormone Therapy

Natural Hormone Therapy Program

Medisci Anti-Aging Center has set up a program to test the level of sex hormones in menopausal women and men with abnormalities of various systems in the body by detecting abnormalities in the initial stages, preventing degeneration in various systems, and focusing on personalized treatment in order to balance their hormone levels with natural methods. Therefore, the elderly can get through the body changes during menopause with happiness and healthy forever.

Natural Hormone Therapy

The Importance of Hormone Adjustment

Hormones control the functions of various organs in the body. A hormone test will tell if the body has a balanced hormone level or not. If hormones are imbalanced, it will cause malfunction of the organ systems, unhealthy before age, and risk of various diseases such as heart disease, osteoporosis, and cancer.

However, adjusting hormones to a balanced level requires a thorough hormonal examination for safety and fewer side effects from hormone supplementation. The hormone supplementation should be under the supervision and control of a hormonal specialist.

Natural Hormone Therapy

The Imbalance of Hormone Due to The Aging

When women enter menopause, a condition in which the ovary produces fewer female hormones compared to a young age, it causes mental and physical abnormalities such as hot flashes, sweating especially at night, insomnia, mood swings, forgetfulness, less concentration, sex problems, and the risk of heart disease and osteoporosis. On the contrary, testosterone deficiency causes decreasing of strength, memory, ability to control emotions, and adaptability to the environment.

In addition, other problems found in older men are diabetes, high blood pressure, ischemic heart disease, and ischemic stroke. If properly initial care is not done, these problems can lead to disability and cause death.

Natural Hormone Therapy

Fill Your Health, Full Your Heart with 'Natural Hormone Therapy Program'

Medisci Anti-Aging Center, therefore, prepares a health examination program for women before and after menopause. This examination will focus on detecting the risks before diseases occurred such as cancer and osteoporosis as well as checking whether the level of sex hormones in the body is at a suitable level or not. The medical team will provide care and advice for finding early disorders and providing treatment promptly.

Therefore, our patients are able to get through body changes during menopause with happiness and health forever. In addition, a health examination program for males is also provided. The program focuses on detecting cancer risk and checking testosterone levels.

If any defect is found, it will be treated by a specialist team. The goal is to increase the physical capacity of both health and love life. Thus, you will absolutely maintain good physical and mental health forever.

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