Urine Breast Cancer Screening Program

Urine Breast Cancer Screening Program

          Assessing the risk of breast cancer uses unexpected simple methods by measuring the level of the estrogen change excreted in the urine. It will assess the risk and prevent breast cancer in women and pot belly men. The medical practice also uses estrogen cancer risk tests to identify the initial risks and assesses the suitability before receiving hormone replacement therapy (HRT) in postmenopausal women. Moreover, it is used for monitoring the risk of breast cancer after receiving HRT.

              According to medical figures in Thailand, at present, breast cancer is the second most common disease in women after cervical cancer. In addition, day by day, the number is increasing, especially in large cities. It is found that 1 of 10 women having a chance of developing breast cancer at some ages.

             The scary part of breast cancer is initially there were almost no symptoms. Especially, if it is smaller than 1 centimeter, you will not feel it at all. All the advanced medical knowledges and technologies as well as Memogram are useful in the detection of small breast cancer for the early treatment before the cancer expands, so it increases the survival rate. However, the incidence of breast cancer is higher, and it is found in younger patients even in the ages of 15-25 years, which has never happened in the past.

             The main cause of breast cancer is genetics. If any one in the family has a history of illness with this disease, there will be a higher risk of people with family history rather than those without a family history. However, it does not mean that people without a family history can survive 100% from breast cancer because there are still many external factors from environment that can cause cancer, such as eating high fat foods, obese women especially after the menopause, regular exposure to high doses of X-rays, and the use of hormone replacement therapy. In addition, another medical information that many people may not have known before is that this disease is not only in women. You may not realize that men are also likely to have this disease, especially men who are obese with large breasts. Due to the high fat content, some parts of them will be transformed into estrogen. The body can change estrogen into different substances, which can affect the occurrence of breast cancer. According to Rockefeller University study, it is found that 2-hydroxyestrone is likely to inhibit the growth of cancer, while 16-a-hydroxyestrone will accelerate the growth of cancer.

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