Acne treatment

Sylfirm X Plus is the world's first technology that uses small needles to deliver radiofrequency waves in two forms (Dual Wave) deep into the skin, addressing a wide range of skin issues in a single device

Fractional CO2 Laser, an innovative, high-precision laser that helps eliminate unsightly blind spots and reduce them. Ready to shed new skin To be more confident in life

REJURAN HB Plus Red Box Tri-Action Combination Formula may be a good answer for many people who want hydrated and youthful skin at the same time. It also gives results more quickly

REJURAN I White-light formula for restoring wrinkles around the eyes to be smooth, sharp, beautiful, radiant, and clear

Unpacking the blue REJURAN S box. Acne scars are full and shallow. Skin is glowing, clear, juicy, special style. Wrinkles are faded in 4 dimensions. Never fall out of trend. SKIN QUALITY

For glowing skin and look younger with Rejuran, a concentrated extract from wild salmon in natural water sources. Helps repair damaged skin

Exosome is a nano-sized extracellular vesicle (EV) that is 30-150 nm in size. It can be found in all body fluids. including plasma, serum, saliva

DISCOVERY PICO Series is the first “second generation” picosecond Nd: YAG laser for tattoo removal, pigmented lesions and skin resurfacing/rejuvenation treatments. This laser series includes up to two wavelengths, 532 nm – 1064 nm, high peak power and up to four emission modes to combine maximum operating performances with the widest range of treatments.

Varicose veins are enlarged, swollen, and twisted veins lying in superficial skin layer. Causing by abnormal vein valves, circulated blood is reflux and congested in veins. Moreover, prolonged sitting or standing, overweight, and regularly high heels wearing are other main causes of this problem.

Stretch marks is a rapidly expansion of skin and internal tissues causing collagen degradation and scars. This appearance is usually found in pregnancy women, obese people, quick weight gaining or losing, and adolescence rapid growing up. These unsatisfying stretch marks usually found in belly, breast, thighs, hip, and buttocks areas. The effective treatment should be done in new stretch marks which have a light pink appearance. After a while, it will eventually turn into white like scars, and the treatment procedure will be harder and need more technology.

A medical device uses for treating and removing cause of chronic acnes, Mallorca acnes, steroid acnes, sensitive skin, dry skin, inflamed skin, wrinkles, or unpleasant uneven skin tone. With this non-invasive tool, a radio wave transfer cold plasma to diminish degraded skin cells, stimulate skin cell production and reduce acne inflammation without wound or pain. All treatment procedure is controlled by a professional physician.

Fine Touch is a Fractional Erbium laser treatment used for treating scars, acne scars, oily skin, wrinkles, stretch marks, and large pores.

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