Ultraformer MPT: Micro Pulsed Technology

What is Ultraformer MPT

Ultraformer MPT

A new ULTRAFORMER series, MPT, is safer and maximizes MMFU(Micro & Macro focused Ultrasound) efficiency by dividing the TCP(Thermal coagulation point) generating method into micro-unit beyond the technology to create precise TCP quality

Ultraformer MPT treatment fights sagging, wrinkles and all signs of aging. Considered to be the latest HIFU technology it prolong beauty and youth.

Ultraformer MPT Treatment Effect

Micro-Pulsed Technology

Delivery of superimposed energy to the treatment area with 25 times finer TCP

Multi select MMFU X 4

Normal, Micro Pulse

Multi select MMFU X 4

Circular, Micro circular

Ultra Booster Handpiece

Transducer with optimal minimization

Infinite Expendables

Infinite Expendables with 3 handpieces & 10 interchangebale cartridges

Reduced Treatment Time

More than 2.5x faster transducers Eliminating transducer return time

Ultraformer MPT How it works

Reduced Treatment Time Beneficial to the Patient & the Physician

Ultraformer MPT - How it works

Suitable with:

Anyone who concerned about sagging skin, fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and problematic body areas are ideal candidates.


  1. See the result immediately right after the treatment.
  2. the collagen regeneration process continues your skin continues to improve for up to 6 months after the treatment.


  1. Fine lines and wrinkles
  2. Droopy eyelids
  3. Skin laxity
  4. Sagging skin
  5. Dull and uneven skin tone

Side Effects:

Some patients may experience slight redness and swell on the treated areas.

update: 18-3-2023

Reference: https://ultraformermpt.com/

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