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IV Hair Support, a hair vitamin formula with many benefits, nourishes and revitalizes deep-rooted hair follicle cells to make hair thick, shiny, and strong both from the inside and outside in a sustainable way.

IV Metabolism Support Formula to Boost Metabolism Adrenal support, ready to relieve symptoms of chronic fatigue and reduce inflammation

'Chelation Therapy' is often a familiar name in the treatment industry. However, there are still precautions that we should know in order to make a decision. Because it may cause harm.

Rejuvenate with IV Energy Reboost, a vitamin drip with Energy Booster formula, which absorbs quickly, restores energy quickly, and cures hangovers so well that it's not wrong to be an IV Hangover.

IV Liver Detox, vitamin therapy for restoring the work process of the liver effectively strengthens the immune system restoring health balance

The brain is constricted, stressed, forgetful, or unable to think. Those bad signs, if left untreated for days, may develop into dementia, Alzheimer's disease in one day, IV Brain Booster, one brain therapy vitamin formula can help alleviate those problems to fade away

IV White Radiance Skin Vitamin Drip formula iv whitening drip ready to revitalize bright, clear skin. Reduce pigment problems, detoxify toxins

Restore intestinal health with IV Gut Balance, vitamin therapy, amino acid formula. Strengthen muscles and intestinal absorption and malnutrition effectively

ผ่อนคลายเครียดด้วยวิถีธรรมชาติบำบัด (Homeopathy) อย่าง Bach’s Flower Remedies ผ่านกรรมวิธีผสมจนได้ชุดยาบำบัดตามสัดส่วนที่เหมาะสมตามแต่บุคคล

URINE ORGANIC ACID TEST (Metabolic Profile + Environmental Pollutions:Urine)

ONDAMED® is a medical device using Pulses Electromagnetic fields Therapy (PEMF). As our body consists of many trillion cells, according to scientific research, it is found that each cell emits electromagnetic waves all the time for intercellular communication and function control. When we are sick or have cell abnormalities including inflammation, infection, trauma, etc.,

The progression of the disease to the cause of chronic skin disease may be caused by many factors such as genetic factors, karma. Some environmental conditions trigger disease, food, infection, stress, scratching, taking certain medications, etc. These factors cause a loss of balance in the body. As a result, the body's healing process is not motivated to function adequately. The immune system is therefore weaker. If it encourages the body's own healing process to return to work as usual Must use methods to increase the body's immunity, stimulate the body to detoxify Reducing the occurrence of inflammation within the body. To allow the body's immune system to function fully The body then returned to balance again.

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