A better way to make you better

          ONDAMED® is a medical device using Pulses Electromagnetic fields Therapy (PEMF). As our body consists of many trillion cells, according to scientific research, it is found that each cell emits electromagnetic waves all the time for intercellular communication and function control. When we are sick or have cell abnormalities including inflammation, infection, trauma, etc.,



         Electromagnetic waves emission becomes abnormal, too. ONDAMED® is able to scan and treat those uncommon by gently emitting specific frequency to the abnormal cells to provide energy and stimulate cell healing. The specific frequency is different for individual since doctor will examine pulse biofeedback which frequency patients have the most response. Apart from stimulating cell healing, ONDAMED® can scan latent infection in your body including bacteria, virus, fungal, or parasite infections; therefore, the machine will stimulate immune system to get rid of those pathogens.


             Moreover, ONDAMED® is useful for adjusting balance of vitamins, minerals, and heavy metals in your body. To sum up, ONDAMED® will gradually readjust your body to the normal balance by stimulating self-reparation, blood and lymph circulation, immune system function, and excretion. Therefore, the result is that your body will become healthier, fresher, and more energetic. Moreover, you will have better sleep and immune system.
             ONDAMED® is well-approved and widely used all around the world. Moreover, many study found its effectiveness in treating chronic diseases including chronic pain, allergies, neuropathy, blood and lymph circulatory problems, patients with rehabilitation after surgery, and patients who undergo radiation therapy and chemotherapy.



              ONDAMED® therapy focuses on initial cause at the cellular level and is specific to each patient. Furthermore, ONDAMED® is safe, painless, free of drugs and chemicals, non-invasive, and able to combine with other treatments without side effects.
              ONDAMED® will give a visible result after continuous 3-5 treatments (1-2 treatment/ week). The number of treatment depends on each health problem. The average is around 15-20 times.


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