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         What is BodyTite? BodyTite is a procedure used for lipolysis by doctors in a sterile room (operating room) where it emits Radio frequency using RFAL TM (Radio - Frequency Assisted Liposuction) technology for liposuction. RFAL TM technology operates quickly. The extracted fat contains very little blood because it can stop the bleeding while operating. To reduce blood loss (Coagulation), using a Handpiece, which is very small device and can adjust the depth, directly destroy the fat cells in the desired area without damaging the nerves or surrounding tissues. Moreover, it stimulates collagen in the dermis in the treatment areas tighter, smoother and firmer. without irritating the skin and causing rough skin problems at the same time.




         RFAL TM (Radio - Frequency Assisted Liposuction) technology is the use of radio frequency with 1 MHz, which is a bipolar type. Energy produced from this radio frequency is converted to the thermal energy on the skin tissue. The temperature of the treatment area will be raised to no more than 45 ° C. The treatment is safe and efficient, and the side effects that may occur is also reduced. The fat cells in the destroyed area are rapidly dissolved into oil and are easily extracted through small tubes attached to the device. There may be only a small amount of fat left inside, but it will be eliminated from the body by natural processes.

        The features of the handpiece contacting with the patient's body has 2 parts: the external electrode attaching with the outer skin and internal electrode inserting to the subcutaneous layer. With the features of the device, it will emit Radio frequency energy round and round between the external electrode and the internal electrode, which can melt and extract the liquid fat at the same time, because the tip of the internal electrode densely has high radio frequency energy, allowing high temperatures to melt unwanted fat. In addition, doctors can adjust its depth according to the size of the subcutaneous layer. (It is adjustable from 5 mm - 50 mm). While the machine is working, it will have a warning sound to notice the machine operation, which is convenient for the doctor's performance. During the treatment, there willl be little bleeding, and the surrounding tissues are less injured. After the treatment, the patient does not need to recuperate for a long time and is able to do daily activities.

        BodyTite TM can eliminate fat in many areas such as belly, hips, buttocks, back, thighs, knees, upper arms, neck, flanks and chest, etc. With this technology, the vascular system, the nervous system, and nearby tissues are less damaged. In addition, it stimulates the production of collagen and contraction of muscles and thin tissue layers in the skin causing the entire skin much firmer and skin lifted after treatment, Moreover, it reduces many problems and side effects that may occur both during treatment and after the treatment, and reduces side effects from traditional liposuction. After treatment, the patient can recuperate at home. BodyTite TM treatment results in eliminating fat and cellulite, and radio frequency will stimulate collagen production and shrinkage of muscles and a thin layer of tissues in the skin. It gives a satisfying effect including firmer skin, less cellulite, and more proportional shape. There is only one working process since the handpiece has a suction tube, which will reduce the treatment steps and reduce injury to the tissue causing by the tube. The duration of treatment depends on the doctor's discretion.

Suitable for:

1. Specific fat area problems.

2. Sagging skin and a lot of fat layers

3. Treatable areas: stomach, hips, back, flanks, thighs, knees, upper arms, neck and chest.

4. Area depending on the doctors' recommendations

Contradictions (Should consult a doctor before treatment)

1. Pacemaker or internal defibrillator implantation

2. Physical and mental illness or Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD)

3. Wound on the treatment area

4. Taking drugs or undergoing any treatment that may affect the procedure

5. Pregnancy

6. Recent surgery on the treatment area

7. Abnormal abdominal area e.g. hernia, ulcerative colitis, Crohn 'Disease, Acute cervicitis

8. History of thrombophlebitis

9. Acute infection

10. Heart failure

11. History of allergic reaction to anesthetic

12. Metallic implantation


Maintenance and warnings

1. 2 weeks before the treatment, patients should have a comprehensive medical examination such as blood test to check for blood integrity, X-ray, evaluation of the risk of certain diseases related to physical strengthness, or depending on the discretion of the physicians.
2. Patients should refrain from taking anticoagulants for more than 2 weeks.
3. Patients should wear loose clothing on the day of admission.
4. Take a picture, weigh, measure the circumference of the treated area for comparison before and after the treatment
5. Patients should completely shave the treatment area.
6. Patients should be evaluated the treatment area by a physician in order to design a proper and safe treatment plan.
7. After discharge from the operating room, patients will be monitored for at least a few hours for changes in vital signs including loss of red blood cell count and body fluid compensation. When it turns into normal level, the patient can recuperate at home.
8. It is necessary to wear elastic bandages or wear flexible clothing provided by the doctor to fit the liposuction areas and to reduce and limit swelling at least 1 month. Your doctor's instructions must be followed strictly.
9. Should rest and should not perform high-impact activities after treatment such as jumping during 2 weeks due to causing trauma and bruise
10. Take medicine strictly as prescribed by the doctor
11. Eat soft foods and iron-rich foods during the recovery period (2 weeks), lean meat protein, and non-spicy food to repair the body. If there are any question, please consult a nutritionist.
12. Strictly take care of the wound to not wet nor infected after surgery as prescribed by the doctor
13. If there is any abnormality or question after surgery, patients should consult a doctor and follow up every appointment to monitor the progress of treatment.
14. About 2 months after liposuction, the patient should begin with light exercise and adjust food intake by focusing on avoiding consuming fat. This is to allow the body to restore fitness and rebalance the weight and proportion. The exercise should be focused to promote muscle strength and the firmness of muscles and skin. If there are any question, please consult a physical therapist.
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