The ongoing quest to find the fountain of eternal youth should not only address the outer appearance but seek to slow the bodily progression of aging and to thereby postpone infirmity and improve the quality of life. This is the philosophy in Medisci Biointegrative Anti-Aging Center of Thailand. Our programs and services are designed in a holistic approach. We determine and treat the root causes of the problem from the inside so that it’s easier to fix the problem outside of the body.  Our goal is not only to improve the external appearance of our patients but also on how they feel on the inside in order to achieve the balance for
the overall improvements in their quality of life.
Our personalized treatment approach is to help the person to return to a state of well-being through individualized conventional and alternative treatments that fit the person’s needs.

Medisci also offers the Gold Standard of Technology by only using the highest standard, advanced and state-of-the-art laser technology for your skin problems and aesthetic needs.
We can offer a wide range of laser technology that meets all the skin problems giving high efficacy and safety results.  These technologies used by our highly-skilled and board-certified dermatologists,
plastic surgeons and experienced therapists can give the ultimate satisfaction as desired.

In Medisci Biointegrative and Anti-Aging Center, we believe that “YOU CAN DESIGN A BETTER VERSION OF YOUR OWNSELF”.
รูปภาพคุณหมออัจจิมา สุวรรณจินดา
ULTRA WELLNESS: The Absolute Health
We have pioneered an innovative approach to biointegrative healing by combining the best of conventional medicine, alternative medicine, naturopathic therapy, cell therapy, nutritional therapy, acupuncture, Total Body Modification (TBM) and homeopathic therapy. Our goal is to restore physiologic balance and to prevent degenerative diseases by getting what the body needs and ridding it of unwanted ones. The program also offers alternative solutions for your complex medical health and skin conditions using integrated cutting-edge medical technology and treatments. Individualized nutrition, nutritional supplements, exercise, sleep, and detoxification program including thorough health evaluation are provided to ensure optimum health and a youthful lite.
ULTRA BEAUTY: The Largest Laser Center in Town
Using a full range of state-of-the-art technology, over 25 units of high standard laser innovation and advanced technology combined with the professional aesthetic vision of our board-certified experienced dermatologists, plastic surgeons and therapists, your complex skin problems – skin diseases, acne, pigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles, sagging and so on — will be taken care to your ultimate satisfaction.  Moreover, the use of unique Biopuncture techniques involving face cell homeopathic therapy gives you a naturally youthful look.
ULTRA SLIM: The Unique Slimming Combo
The healthy weight loss program with individualized comprehensive elimination diet and exercise program is designed to help you effectively control your weight and keep weight off safely. Weight loss is more than just a diet control and slimming treatments as understood by many. The certain hidden causes such as chronic inflammation, food allergy and bodily toxin accumulation need to be corrected. We focus on finding the root causes, rebalancing your physiological condition, restoring metabolism and preventing the return to obesity. Your goal of permanent weight loss will definitely be achieved. In addition, we also offer the high standard body rejuvenation technologies to implement your new body.
We believe in: The Better Life You Can Design.
Discover the new you at Medisci, today!