With research results confirming that "Warm bath" or a warm bath before bed Helps to sleep easier And also improves the quality of sleep The reason

Psoriasis dermatitis is not a contagious disease. Because psoriasis is not an infectious disease. Exposure to psoriasis patients Or even direct contact at the area of the psoriasis It does not cause contact as well.

Dry skin and dehydrated skin may sound like a similar skin condition, but actually, dry skin and dehydrated skin have different causes. And the methods of care are also different. Usually, the factor that determines the moisture of our skin comes from 2 main parts, which are water balance and oil in the skin. In the case of dry skin caused by the sebaceous glands In our skin, we produce less oil, which we call Sebum.

For information about COVID-19 infection in pregnancy, there is presently no exact data of symptoms and effects to both mother and her baby.

Is true Number one in an easy way Of the prevention of dementia in the elderly is reading.

The main vitamins that will help the immune system, vitamin C, vitamin B6 and vitamin E. Healthy, healthy body will have what kind of vitamin or food? Helps strengthen the immune system

Anorexia and Bulimia are the most common eating disorders in today's society. These two diseases are simply referred to as "diseases of skinny people." "That is usually caused by psychological factors From stress And social values.

Vitamin D improves the absorption of calcium and phosphorus, which affects the growth and strength of bones and teeth. Usually, the body receives vitamin D from two main ways.

New species of corona virus The coronary virus 2019 is believed to belong to the same family of SARS and the Mers disease that has spread around the world. By the corona virus 2019. Will be a virus that causes symptoms in the respiratory system.

Stress is one of the factors that can cause premature gray hair. Typically, graying hair comes from two main factors. The first is from the genetic family. People with family members who have a history of gray hair. From a young age, will have the opportunity to start gray hair quickly Which if starting to have gray hair before age 30, we will be considered premature gray hair condition

Stress affects chemicals in the body, affecting all systems of the body. Make the skin more sensitive or irritated more easily. Including affecting the recovery or healing of the wound.

In general, exercise is good for your health and for your skin. Because it will help increase the blood supply to the skin area Causing oxygen nutrients to feed more skin cells. Up, but at the same time as the blood supply to the skin cells increases Our pores will have to open. And then temporary expansion Makes for some people After exercise Therefore there is a problem with the occurrence of acne clogging easily.

Hair loss and thinning problems are a big problem for both men and women. Because when I get older, my hair will become thinner, brittle, easier to break Can be modified with Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is our blood. Into the process of spinning, separating the Plasma part, which has Growth Factor and when injected to nourish the hair roots Will stimulate the hair to become stronger Hair that is stronger, looks thicker,

PM or Particulate Matters are dust floating in the air. Smaller than 2.5 microns. Can adversely affect health If inhaled, it can enter the lower lung. To stimulate the creation of more free radicals in the body as well. In patients with congenital allergic diseases And diseases in the respiratory system Found that children born from mothers who received PM 2.5 will have IgE immune systems. Which is associated with allergies. In addition, PM2.5 exposure affects the cardiovascular system, including the development of the brain.

Birth control pills, which are drugs that contain female hormones Many are able to act against the function of testosterone. Can cure acne?

As you know that "American style food is very popular" because it is delicious, easy to make and can be easily purchased. Because it's available for purchase at general convenience stores But these simple foods have many additives Whether preservative nitrate in order to make the food last longer And colorful and tasty.

Green tea is one food that has been classified as "Super Food". There are many studies and research on the benefits of drinking green tea. In green tea, there is a substance called "Polyphenols" (polyphenols), which helps to slow down aging. Drinking green tea helps stimulate brain function. Reduce the risk of Alzheimer's disease.

Sleep is a condition in which we relax our body and mind, body, hormones including heart and pulse. It was like a period of time to return to balance. As for the mind when we sleep Is a state in which the body gathers information Each day to keep as memories, so during the time that is asleep Considered as a time when the state of mind is relaxed Then it is like the time when the body resolves various problems.

"Stretch marks" during adolescence are a common condition. Because the teenage period is growing fast Both in terms of height and weight When the skin is rapidly expanding Will damage the structure of collagen under the skin. And the resulting stretch marks Especially teenagers that grow up fast The more the chance of stretch marks easily.

In the elderly, the most common health problem is thinner "bones" and smaller muscle atrophy. Which is the main cause of protein and calcium. When talking about protein and calcium, many people may think of drinking "cow's milk".

For Thailand Regardless of the season Would be difficult to avoid the matter of sunlight If you choose the right sunscreen, the right SPF and sufficient usage Will be able to prevent sunburn from the sun But if applying sunscreen in time The skin has burnt And the skin begins to have a red burning sensation, should take care as follows

People at risk for "diabetes" or in patients with diabetes. And want to control blood sugar levels. The main foods that need to be avoided are foods that are high in sugar, such as soda, sweet water, or foods that are in refined flour, such as white rice, bread, bakery, as well as food. That is a line made of flour but aside from the sugar group And white flour

Now, eating vegetarian food Is a healthy eating trend That is becoming popular To have a healthy vegetarian diet Should understand the advantages and disadvantages and techniques of choosing food.

During the winter There is a chance that water in the skin will be more easily lost. Make the skin flaky Broken skin Or may be a complication Especially that some people in the elderly, children and people with skin diseases such as atopic dermatitis Or psoriasis.

Using eyes with a computer screen Or mobile phones for a long time Very bad for the eyes, which is mainly due to the blue light (Blue Light) coming out of the screen itself.

The high blood sugar level But has not yet reached the threshold of diabetes Call this condition "Risk of pre-diabetes" with blood glucose values ​​after fasting at 8 hours will be at 100-125 levels. The cumulative average glucose in the selection is at 5.7-6.4 levels.

"Good cholesterol or HDL Cholerterol" is beneficial to the body. Can help reduce the risk of coronary artery disease And blood clots in the brain if you have a high level of cholesterol in the body higher than 60 mg / dL.

"Herpes" on the lips, if anyone used to be Probably well known That the disease is not cured Once it is, it can often be repeated. Herpes is caused by a viral infection called "Herpes Simplex Virus." Can be contacted by touching whether through direct skin contact Or indirect contact.

A hangover is a result of excessive drinking of alcohol. In which too many quantities of each person are not equal Based on health Including the ability to manage uneven alcohol levels in the bloodstream.

"Ingrown hair" is a common skin disorder that is common. Especially in women tend to be found on the upper arm Or thighs on both sides Looks like a small blister.

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