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collagen booster

What is collagen? Is it something that if eaten can actually make your skin white? and when talking about something called Collagen Booster, many people tend to think that this is just a set of dietary supplements that are ready-to-drink powdered water and help make the skin whiter. Is that really the case? The Recommend will talk about this issue deeply together

What is Collagen?

 Collagen is a type of protein fiber that the body creates to strengthen, stretch, and arm organs throughout the body to work together efficiently. whether it is movements around the joints or balancing while standing are all related to collagen. This also includes keeping the skin elastic, firm, tight, and youthful. It is found in bones, muscles, skin, tendons, blood vessels, and the lining of the intestines

However, the body begins to produce less collagen as we age, especially for those who are over 30 years of age, which is the age when collagen deterioration easily occurs.

Collagen Booster

Collagen Booster is an assistant that helps stimulate the repair and production of collagen in the skin and various parts of the body to make it look radiant and bright. They may be in the form of injections. or edible form, such as pill form, sachet form

collagen booster

Does taking Collagen Really Work?

Due to absorption limitations, collagen may not be fully absorbed. This resulted in the development of the collagen booster set. The molecule is small enough to be absorbed and used quickly through a process called Hydrolysate Collagen, which is absorbed 3 - 4 times better than normal collagen. However, because eating collagen has a nourishing effect on every part of the body. Therefore, it is difficult to achieve full recovery results in specific areas.

collagen booster

Injecting vs. Taking: Which is more effective?

Although collagen booster is one of the most popular methods nowadays, However, there is still a lack of adequate research confirming the benefits of consuming collagen when compares to skin booster injection procedure, which is a way to restore skin quality through innovative treatments such as injections, dabbing, etc. under the supervision of an expert doctor


REJURAN is an innovative treatment that includes a series of fillers extracted from Salmon DNA from pure water sources. Restore softness and fluffiness Soft, moist, glowing, bright Ready to notice changes in 7 days


Exosome, the latest innovation that is the talk of the town all over the world, stands out as a small, powerful molecule at the nanoscale that contains a variety of components, including mRNA, miRNA, and other important proteins. Stimulate cells to be soft and flexible. Ready to reduce allergic symptoms and inflammation that may occur in the future

CaHA (Calcium Hydroxylapatite)

Also known as CaHA, it is a natural extract found in bones and teeth. which can be used to strengthen skin cell structure and ready to give beauty to the face, making it beautiful, sharp, and full. Have multi-dimensional volume even without makeup. both maintain results for up to 12 months

Colorful filler

In closing, don't miss mentioning the colorful filler set, like the Berotero set, which is well-known and popular all over the world. Beauty with separate sections in various styles that perfectly meet the needs of each person's facial skin condition

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