3 immune-boosting vitamins

              During this time, everyone wants to have an immune system. Would like to have a healthy body that will have vitamins or foods Will help strengthen the immune system.

             The main vitamin that will help the immune system. The first type is "Vitamin C" in people who lack vitamin C. Will definitely lower the immune system Foods that are high in vitamin C. Are fruits such as oranges, husk, strawberries, as well as leafy greens such as kale, broccoli, and spinach Or vegetables grown with Pueblo Leng vegetables.

              The next vitamin is "Vitamin B6", which plays an important role. With chemical reactions at the cellular level of the body Including as a vitamin That is important for the immune system with vitamin B6 is found in meat, chicken, salmon, tuna, but note that At the time that infectious diseases are spreading like this Shouldn't eat raw fish It is safer to eat cooked fish. In addition, Vitami B6 is also found in many leafy greens, including chickpeas or chickpeas.

               Another vitamin is "Vitamin E", which is a very good antioxidant. Therefore, it helps to resist various pathogens as well. Vitamin E is found in nuts. Whether almond Sunflower seeds Also found in kiwi, tomatoes, and spinach, too. Many of you have already heard about this Would like to go to buy vitamins to eat and then know and survive.

             The size of the vitamins recommended by the Ministry of Public Health per day - for vitamin C = 60 milligrams per day - vitamin B6 = 2 milligrams per day - vitamin E = 10 mg of alpha tocopherol per day, which the size In milligrams as recommended Is a size that is to prevent broken.

              For anyone who wants to eat at higher doses In order to strengthen the immune system Advising to consult a medical professional Will be eaten safely and more effectively.



Information provided by: Dr. Nicha Tangpobnong.
Compiled by: Medisci