Medical Checkup

Biophysical Assessment helps to identify the actual age of the body that may be as strong as or younger or older. Help with health care planning Deal with the problem of premature aging It also helps assess how well the health care measures are being implemented and how effective they are.

Assessing the risk of breast cancer using simple methods that you may not have expected. By measuring the value of the female hormone estrogen change in various forms that are excreted in the urine Helps to assess the risk and prevent breast cancer in general women and obese men. The medical practice also uses estrogen cancer risk tests to identify the risks at first. And is assessing the suitability before receiving hormone replacement therapy (HRT) in postmenopausal women. And used for examination to monitor the risk of breast cancer after receiving hormone replacement therapy.

BIA is a physical evaluation of nutrition in the body. To help plan proper nutrition and exercise programs It can also tell the level of metabolism in the body. Effectively track changes in muscle mass, fat, body proportions More than just looking at body weight. In addition, BIA is also able to tell the degree of degeneration of all the cell walls in the body to tell the level of deterioration of our body as well. And can be compared to your development After you begin entering the anti-aging medical care program.

Checking the nutritional status of the body by measuring the levels of nutrients, vitamins, minerals, including the level of degeneration of cells caused by free radicals Gastrointestinal fungal levels Degradation of neurotransmitters in the brain And the level of accumulated toxins in the body Make you aware of the performance of various systems in the body. Malnutrition, poisoning. Is there harmful bacteria or intestinal yeast too? Helps to know which body is suitable for our diet, what kind of vitamins or supplements And also helps in the planning of detoxification in the body.

Technology at the level of health checkup by screening for the function of cells in each organ in detail Helps to search for abnormalities and hidden deterioration in the body. Accurate screening of health problems before illness, such as brain and neurotransmitters that control thoughts and mind, hidden stress Free radical level Hypothyroidism Toxic accumulation Hypersensitivity, hidden from food allergies, etc., providing information and a detailed overview of the various systems in the body, helping to plan treatment in order to balance the organs that begin to develop disorders right from the earliest stages. Prevent diseases or disorders of the organs And find ways to take care of holistic health more accurately and to the point Before the examination with a specific method for further diagnosis.

Medisci has set up a program to test the level of sex hormones in menopausal women and postmenopausal women with abnormalities of various systems in the body by detecting abnormalities in the initial stages and preventing degeneration in Various systems And focusing on personalized treatment for hormonal balance using natural methods In order to enter the body changes during the menopause with happiness and health forever.

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