How is dry skin vs dehydrated skin different?

How is dry skin vs dehydrated skin different?

              Dry and dehydrated skin may sound like a similar skin condition, but actually, dry skin and dehydrated skin are occurred from different cause. The methods of care are also different. Usually, the factor indicating the moisture of our skin comes from 2 main parts, which are water balance and oil in the skin.

              Dry skin is caused by the sebaceous glands producing less oil, which is called sebum. Dry skin is one of the 4 major skin conditions that include dry skin, oily skin, normal skin, and combination skin. These four types are be divided according to the amount of sebum production in the skin determined by factors of genetics, gender and age, so it is nearly unable to change.

              However, dehydrated skin is occurred by reduced water content in itself, which is not always related to the amount of oil in the skin. Therefore, whether it is dry skin, oily skin, normal skin, or combination skin, dehydrated skin can generated as well.
              The cause of dehydrated skin can come from many factors whether drinking insufficient water and drinking too much alcohol or caffeine. All of them cause a lot of water excretion resulting in dehydration. Moreover, any reason causing weakness to our epidermis can cause dehydrated skin, whether it is a strong face scrub, cosmetic allergy, the presence of chronic skin rashes, or being in an extremely cold or hot environment. These factors cause outer skin becoming unable to store water under the skin, and the skin becomes dehydrated.

              Taking care of dry and dehydrated skin is also different. In the case of dry skin, we can use a moisturizer that contains oil in order to add moisture to the skin. In contrast, in the case of dehydrated skin, we have to examine what is the cause of dehydration. Do we drink enough water? Our outer skin is irritated or not ?, etc.

              To take care of dehydrated skin, we may focus on using nourishing creams that contain substances helping draw water into the skin or nourishing creams helping repair the epidermis. Moreover, we may have to find out that our dehydrated skin is mixed with what kind of skin type, such as dry skin with dehydrated skin, oily skin with dehydrated skin, or normal skin with dehydrated skin. Thus, the care methos and skin care in each type of skin will be different. If anyone has complex skin problems like this, you should consult with expert doctors in order to assess the skin condition and provide specific care methods for each patient's skin.



Information provided by: Dr. Narumon Thongsriiam
Compiled by: Medisci

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