The more stress, the worse skin

 The more stress, the worse skin

Stress can affect all body system, including hair, nails, and skin.

         Stress affects chemicals in the body causing skin to become more sensitive or more easily irritated. It also affects the recovery of the wound.

         When you are stressed, your body releases more hormones such as cortisol. This type of hormone will stimulate the sebaceous glands to produce more sebum, so it easily cause more acne. It can be noted that many people may have acne during the exam or the very stressful period, right?

In addition, stress can stimulate attack in people with certain types of skin diseases such as

- Rosacea

- Psoriasis

- Chronic eczema or chronic dermatitis
Moreover, stress may trigger certain types of skin diseases such as urticaria and autoimmune skin diseases.

         Of course, it is impossible to completely avoid stress in daily life. Therfore, each person should have their own way of eliminating stress. For example, if you recognize that you are in stressful period, you may manage your time to escape those stress and do your favorite activities such as exercising or meditating. Getting regular exercise and getting enough sleep are very helpful. Apart from these activities, talking with friends, family or even a therapist helps us reduce and cope with stress efficiently.

Information by Dr. Nicha Tangpapong
Composed by Medisci Center

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