'IV Liver Detox' Liver Detoxification For Health Balance

liver detoxification

Whatever those who have a problem with less rest, or even an alcohol heavyweight, whose physical health has deteriorated,  IV Liver Detox,  a vitamin therapy formula can detoxify the liver to be effectively strong, strengthening the liver's detoxification process. Thus, it reduces the chances of causing various diseases in the future, allowing you to live a more transparent and comfortable life

IV Liver Detox: Strengthening The Body From Inside Out

IV Liver Detox is a vitamin therapy (IV Therapy) for strengthening the liver's detoxification and excretion process to work more efficiently. As a result, the skin that used to be dull becomes radiant.

liver detoxification

Suitable For

Using vitamin detox liver through blood vessels (Liver Detoxification) is suitable for those who have problems:

    • Regularly drinking alcohol can lead to health problems.
    • Having Less rest, or facing accumulated stress.
    • Exposure to poisons or chemicals from work, such as hair coloring, nail polish, farmers, industrial sector workers
    • Low immunity, such as chronic allergies, diabetes, kidney dysfunction

Integrative Detoxification

For maintaining body balance, Integrative Detoxification is considered an alternative treatment that combines other types of therapy such as, Far Infrared, Bath Therapy, Whole Body Vibration, etc. that is together with IV Therapy and Nutritional Medicine therapy until maximum benefits are achieved throughout the recovery every time

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