Radiesse: Face&Hand Profound Rejuvenation In All Contour

If we talk about Dermal Filler from MERZ AESTHETICS, which is powerful in restoring the skin to be strong and elastic. Radiesse is an ingenious savior that effectively saves the face from wrinkles and sagging caused by wind, sun, and aging


Radiesse: A Youth Innovation With CaHA

Radiesse is an innovative filler that contains Calcium Hydroxylapatite or 'CaHA' (CaHA: Calcium Hydroxylapatite) as the main highlight to stimulate collagen production on the face to lift and tighten. The contour is 3 times more beautiful with 3 outstanding features that add weight and dimension to the face to be beautiful and symmetrical in many dimensions

The Features of Radiesse

  • Strong Structural Skin: Strengthens the structure surrounding the skin cells, fill the cheeks to be full and natural
  • Profound Rejuvenation: helps restore collagen in the skin tissue to be firm and elastic. Even if the skin is very wrinkled, sagging from pollution and the sprinkling of the ages
  • Cell Regenerative Stimulation: Stimulates the process of creating new cells under the skin to make it full, clear, and healthy


Radiesse & Radiesse® (+) Revitalize Skin With Duo Action

It is not just Belotero Lips that has a duo to sculpt Shape & Contour to the lips, Radiesse can do so, but on the face and palm. Each of these has different strengths as follows:


Prominent in reviving moderate to severe wrinkles, nasolabial folds, and facial folds such as nasolabial folds It also helps reduce the problem of fat loss on the face in the case of people with immunodeficiency (HIV Lipoatrophy)

Radiesse ®(+)

Finely pick up wrinkles on the soft tissues of the skin and face. With the ingredients like Lidocaine, which helps to relieve pain while injecting, allowing the patient to be comfortable throughout the procedure


Q&A Additional Questions About Radiesse

Testing and Certification

Radiesse was one of the products, tested for efficacy and safety through over 250 studies and was the first US-FDA-approved facial filler for hand rejuvenation

The Duration of Result

The retention of results varies with age, skin type, lifestyle, and body metabolism. and the treated area however, results can generally be maintained for 12 months

The Preparation

Radiesse should be supervised by a dermatologist who specializes in product use. In order to get beautiful and effective results, however, before receiving treatment, you should consult with a doctor to plan a suitable treatment plan according to your individual needs




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