Radiesse: Face&Hand Profound Rejuvenation In All Contour

If we talk about the newest Dermal Filler product, which is effective in restoring skin health and improving skin elasticity in deeply. Its certified by the EU and US FDA for quality. Radiesse® is the most efficient treatment for achieving profound skin rejuvenation and decreasing wrinkles and sagging on the face for longer than ever.


Radiesse®: A Youth Innovation with CaHA

Radiesse® is the newest Dermal filler product that contains CaHA (Calcium Hydroxylapatite) microspheres as the main active ingredient. This helps to boost collagen production in the face resulting in lifting and tightening effects. Restoring the function of fibroblast cells to promote the production of five crucial components including:

  1. Collagen Type 1
  2. Collagen Type 3
  3. Elastin
  4. Proteoglycans
  5. Angiogenesis
Radiesse is?
Radiesse is?

Radiesse® delivers 3 key results for your skin:

  • Promotes skin barrier function and encourages new skin cell production, which helps to improve skin thickness and elasticity
  • Significantly improves skin quality and rejuvenates the skin by increasing collagen, elastin, and proteoglycan production
  • Provides long-term benefits for 24 months or longer
3 results of Radiesse
3 results of Radiesse

The Features of Radiesse®

  • Convenient : Radiesse® is ready to use (Pre-Filled Syringe), It can be injected on the entire face and hands.
  • Trendy : Available in over 85 countries worldwide and has sold over 15 million syringes globally.
  • Safe : Practitioners use more than 20 years and have clinical evidence from over 245 publications.
  • Be confident : EU, US and TH FDA approved.
  • Favorable : A 1-year survey of Radiesse® users found that 90% of them are satisfied with the results.
The Features of Radiesse®
The Features of Radiesse®

Components of Radiesse® Box

Radiesse® box comes with a single-use vial that is ready-to-inject containing 1.5 cc of solution and a sterile needle. You can store it for up to 2 years at temperatures ranging from 15-25°C.

Radiesse® & Radiesse® (+) Revitalize Skin with Duo Action

Not only Belotero Lips can sculpt shape & contour to the lips but Radiesse® can also do on the face and palm. Each product has different strengths as follows:


Prominent in reviving moderate to severe wrinkles, nasolabial folds, and facial folds such as nasolabial folds It also helps reduce the problem of fat loss on the face in the case of people with immunodeficiency (HIV Lipoatrophy).

Radiesse® (+)

It helps with fine wrinkles. It comes with lidocaine which helps to relieve pain so patients be comfortable during the procedure

Radiesse® (+)
Radiesse® (+)

Q&A Additional Questions About Radiesse®

Testing and Certification

Radiesse® is a product that has passed safety and efficacy tests with more 245 publications. It is the first product to be certified by the US FDA as being outstanding in hand rejuvenation.

Result Duration

The results vary depending on age, skin type, lifestyle, body metabolism, and treatment area. However, results can generally be maintained for 24 months. It can also be easily to corrected by using hyaluronidase.

Precautions of use

Radiesse® should be supervised by a dermatologist who specializes in products for good and effective results. However, before treatment, you should consult with a dermatologist to plan treatment according to your individual needs.

Radiesse Promotion Price

Medisci Center offers an introductory promotion for Radiesse, for skin that's younger than ever before.

  • Introductory price of  36,000 baht.
For additional information and other amazing promotions, you can reach us on Line: @MEDISCI or call 089-9006100. We are happy to assist you! :)
Radiesse promotional price.
Radiesse promotional price.

Enjoy the ambiance of the Radiesse launch event. Radiesse WorkShop Train The Trainer Masterclass
Video presentation about Radiesse.

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