REJURAN S Concentrated Formula For Shallowing Acne Scars

rejuran s

It is time to unpack the blue box, revealing a separate beauty formula for people who have problems with acne scars, large pores, dryness, and lack of aura with 'REJURAN S' adding volume to make it shine. smooth wrinkles on the chest, face, hands, and all parts of the body without side effects

rejuran s


REJURAN S (Special) is a high-concentration Rejuran formula (PN: Polynucleotide), reviving effectively various skin problems, such as acne scars and large pores by stimulating to repair and creating new skin cells. Along with restoring damaged skin from aging with more collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid, this results in the skin being bouncy and full

rejuran s

REJURAN S As An Effective Scar Healer

Due to the outstanding of its qualities, it has been proven in many clinical studies. One of them was the comparison of the treatment efficacy in a group of people with open total thyroidectomy scarring in the neck. The experimental group was divided into two groups, Fractional Laser in combination with REJURAN S (PN) and another group is with saline. The first group in combination with Rejuran S showed a more effective treatment after 16 weeks

rejuran s

Suitable For

With the special features of REJURAN S, it can meet the needs

  • Shallow to moderate acne scars
  • Wrinkles, scars, large pores
  • Thin skin from age and sensitive
  • Those who have received side effects from other treatments
  • People who want to restore their skin without surgery or using botulinum toxin

rejuran s

Q&A About Rejuran S

Time spent performing the procedure

The duration used is not much different from normal REJURAN, generally taking 30 - 60 minutes, depending on the area being treated

Number of times done

In general, the doctor will consider the condition of the facial skin and the severity of the problem. To determine the appropriate number of times, however, generally for people with such problems, it will be 4 – 5 times/year

Recovery period

There may be slight swelling after the procedure. These symptoms will disappear and return to normal within 1 - 7 days


REJURAN S can maintain results for a longer time depending on the skin condition of each individual. However, for effective results Should be treated in conjunction with radio frequency technology. (Radiofrequency) such as Fractora, Venus viva, and other techniques such as Subcision or at the discretion of a dermatologist with specific expertise

Not suitable for anyone

Because REJURAN S is a Salmon DNA extract, it is not suitable for people with allergies to salmon and other seafood

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