REJURAN HB Plus Outstanding Aura From Mix formula

rejuran hb

REJURAN HB Plus Red Box Tri-Action Combination Formula may be a good answer for those who have hydrated and youthful skin at the same time. It also gives results more quickly. Ready to help you feel more comfortable in the skin throughout the treatment


REJURAN HB is the latest lightweight formula of PN (Polynucleotide) extract that combines 3 outstanding ingredients together:

  • PN, a concentrated biological extract from wild salmon from pristine water sources. It has the power to stimulate the self-repair of skin cells in the body. Resulting in facial skin being lifted, firm, and full
  • HA, or what is familiar as hyaluronic acid (Hyaluronic Acid), helps provide moisture. Dewy and shiny to the face
  • LIDOCAINE, an important part that acts like an anesthetic, reduces pain and makes the skin feel more comfortable


REJURAN HB Restore Skin Twice

According to clinical research comparing the treatment efficacy of HA, PN, and combination formulas, it was found that REJURAN HB helps strengthen the skin by increasing the number of fibroblasts and providing moisture to the deep skin layers, Not only is good twice the original formula, it also creates a good treatment experience for those receiving treatment to feel safe and comfortable throughout the procedure



Are there any side effects?

Because REJURAN HB is extracted from salmon DNA which has characteristics similar to human DNA thus making it possible to swallow with our skin without causing side effects It can also be used to treat areas that are difficult to use with hyaluronic acid or botulinum toxin

Symptoms after injection

Slight swelling occurs at the injection site, which will gradually disappear within 24 hours, after which life can be normal


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