REJURAN I White Light Formula Box For Eye Area Rejuvenation

rejuran i

It is time to launch REJURAN I, a white box with a light formula, is ready to revive wrinkles around the eyes, whether the eyelids, eye tails, eye bags, or even wrinkles from the eyes to the cheeks to be smoother

rejuran i


REJURAN I is PN (Polynucleotide) extract obtained from Salmon DNA with a light formula, therefore it is suitable for solving wrinkles around the eyes. which is more sensitive than the area more effectively

rejuran i

Outstanding For Revitalizing Skin Under The Eyes

With its light formula, REJURAN I can solve the problem of wrinkles under the eyes, which is delicate skin. According to research about testing the effectiveness of the treatment of wrinkles under the eyes (Under-Eye Area Rejuvenation), the results show that wrinkles, crow's feet Bags under the eyes fade and become more flexible after 2 weeks, before giving more noticeable results from the 12 weeks onwards

rejuran i


Time Spend For Treatment 

The duration used is not much different from normal REJURAN, generally taking 30 - 60 minutes, depending on the area being treated

Number of Times Done

In general, the doctor will consider the condition of the facial skin and the severity of the problem. To determine the appropriate number of times, however, generally for people with such problems, it will be 4 – 5 times/year

Recovery Period

There may be slight swelling after the procedure, these symptoms will disappear and return to normal within 1 - 7 days

Not Suitable

Because of REJURAN I is an extract from Salmon DNA like other formulas, it is not suitable for those who have seafood allergies



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