Atchima Talk: Dark Armpits Causes, and Problems

dark armpits

Use of alcohol-based roll-on may cause an allergic reaction and result in dark armpits. It is a common problem that can occur in both women and men. some have allergies or only have inflammation, then disappear, but some people recover from inflammation, back leaving a black mark

dark armpits

The Ways For Curing Dark Armpits

It is necessary to check at first by the doctors. Does the patient still have inflammation? If the inflammation from allergies to roll-on, persists inflammation must be treated before administering the group of anti-inflammatory drugs, or moisturizer that is gentle on the skin

but in some cases after treatment, it is necessary to go back to using roll-on to reduce the smell of sweat again. Make the allergic reaction come back again. Therefore, it is advisable to “Treatment of sweating” it would be better

dark armpits

Currently, there are treatments for hyperhidrosis. The most popular treatment is the use of botulinum toxin (Botox) injection for reducing sweat. The doctor will determine the position of the sweat glands that are causing the problem, and inject this substance into the position where the sweat glands work

To maintain the patient's sweat is reduced well. As for the problem of "black spots" that have already occurred. The treatment will range from skin cell turnover,

  • Use of topical medication to reduce black floatation
  • Using a group of lasers to reduce pigmentation for gradually fading away and reducing dark spots

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