Atchima Talk: Smelly Mouth Problems Can be Solved

foul mouth

Even though I do not have tooth decay and no limestone, Why does my mouth have bad breath? What are the causes of bad breath problems? Today the doctor has an answer.

The Vary Cause of Smelly Mouth

Most people misunderstand that “Bad breath problems” are caused by tooth decay, stone paving, or oral health problems in just one grill. In fact, the cause bad breath problems can be caused by many reasons, such as

  • Having a respiratory infection sinusitis problems
  • Drinking too little water, coffee, or too much alcohol

However, the most common is a problem with the subsystem and food absorption, because when the digestive system is not good. The body does not digest all the food, causing fermentation and accumulation of gas from the stomach to become a bad breath problem which most people are a lot

smelly mouth

4R Principle

If we have a subsystem problem Endoscopic examination alone may not be enough, may need to take the feces for further examination, because inflammation in the digestive system on a regular basis for a long time may result in causing problems later. Easy way to take care of yourself before having problems with the digestive system and bad breath are composed of 4 things called 4R

  1. Remove is to clean up germs. bacteria and toxins first, such as refraining from processed foods Processed food, frozen food or sweet food, and fermented food to avoid inflammation of the intestines of the digestive system
  2. Replace is filling when the subsystem is not good. must be added to help digestion enzymes makes our digestion better
  3. Reinoculate is the addition of good bacteria into the digestive system, such as eating probiotic foods to increase the number of good bacteria more
  4. Repair is to repair and add antioxidants. It makes the digestive system problems better

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