Atchima Talk: 3 Tips For Reducing Enlarged Calves

enlarged calves

The way to treat the problem of "big calves" depends on what our big calf problem is caused by, because the cause of the calf problem is caused by 2 factors: The calf grows from the muscle layer, or calves grown from fat which is mostly in people who have problems with calf growth from the muscle layer Will be caused by exercise, kicking a ball, cycling, doing activities that require a lot of movement. or in most women will have calf problems from wearing high heels to tip toe all the time can cause calf problems from the muscle layer

reduce calves

3 Ways For Reducing Enlarged Calves Easily From Home to Hospital

Method 1: Botulinum Toxin

If it is caused by muscle layer calves, it can be reduced with Botulinum toxin injections. Calf reduction depends on the quality of Botox and muscle size. Moreover, reducing the calf may require a larger amount of Botox, depending on the size of the calf. Calf reduction injections each time can last about 4-6 months, but if injected and then returned to the same calf-growing activities repeatedly, the duration of the injection may be more frequent as well

reduce calves

Method 2: Reducing Big Calves From 'Fat'

Reducing enlarged calves from fat can be done by liposuction in excess, this way is similar to calf reduction injections, trying to avoid activities that will make the calves grow

reduce calves

Method 3: Reducing Big Calves From 'Fat'

The last way to reduce the problem of enlarged calves is an exercise to reduce calves. This method will see results slower than the two methods mentioned above. Exercises to reduce calf legs has to be done consistently and correctly. Otherwise, the legs will be back to making calves grow more than ever again

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