Pretty boobs without surgery


Pretty boobs without surgery

           Many young people dream of getting in shape and having beautiful boobs to look beautiful and confident in every clothes. But in fact, not everyone is born with beautiful breasts. If you get in plastic surgery, you may face the risks and side effects, so we have a way to supplement your breast size without having to rely on surgery. Moreover, you don't have to hurt yourself.
            Many woman don't dare to wear deep neckline tops due to the problem of acne scars, wrinkles, uneven skin, or sagging breasts. The causes of acne in the chest area come from applying some creams causing allergic reactions, or there may be a problem in the matter of eating, inflammation, and hormonal disorders. For sagging breasts, it is mostly caused by age and hormonal changes. Moreover, menopause affects on the production of collagen under the skin which decreases tension and smoothness of the skin and causes breasts sagging and wrinkles. In addition, smoking, stress, staying up late or not wearing bra result in having a sagging breasts problem.


         In general, we can measure the sagging of the breasts by looking at the position of the nipples and the breasts. In people without problem of breasts sagging, the position of the nipples is higher than the position of the breasts, but, in people who have such problems or getting older, the position of the nipples will be continuously lower until it is at or below the underboob level.
         Acne chest treatment must consider the cause of acne and treat according to that cause. Some people with yeast acne problems (Fungal acne group) must control in terms of eating sugar, chocolate, processed food, dairy products, or even chemicals from hairspray conditioners. Generally, acne is treated with benzoyl peroxide topicals or changing eating habits, but nowadays treatment is developed by adopting laser technology for faster and more satisifying result.


          Laser technology can kill acne, reduce redness, improve skin condition, reduce breakouts, and heal scar. The laser can also quickly reduce inflammation of acne and the occurrence of scars.
          Solving the sagging breasts problem, you must know its cause. There are a variety of reasons that cause sagging. It may be caused by sagging muscles in the chest, less of breast base due to pregnancy, hormonal imbalance, or rapid weight losing. These results affect sagging and untight breast skin. However, it can be corrected by using sound wave technology.
           Sound wave technology can lift the chest. Sound waves will be penetrated skin layer to stimulate muscle contraction leading firmness of breasts.


          Fat cell transplantation helps in the repair of the skin around the chest by growing new fat cells to increase the amount of fat in the chest area. This will make the breasts look firmer.

          The use of homeopathy by natural substances injection on the acupuncture point and the muscles around the chest can adjust balance of hormones making your breasts as firm as natural shape.

           As a result, the troubling problems of women will be away. You will have beautiful, tight, and firm boobs without relying on surgery.



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