Goodbye Dark Circles

Goodbye Dark Circles

         Apart from wrinkles and bags under the eyes, dark circles are also a problem around the eyes which is commonly found in many people. Causes of dark circles include

• Genetic factors
• Ethnic factors: It is found in Blacks and Asians
• Stress
• Inadequate sleep
•Certain diseases, such as toxic thyroid causing dark circles
• Menstruation period
• Pregnancy, hormonal conditions during pregnancy in 3rd trimester.
• Allergies: People with allergies tend to have more dark circles due to many behaviors, such as itchy around eyes causing frequent rubbing.
• Eye overuse, such as staring at iPad, mobile phone, computer or even reading for a long time, can increase dark circles.

  • Due to congestion in the small veins under your eyes, it will cause noticeable dark circles. The basic solution is using a whitening product, which is only for under the eyes. Products causing irritation or being specific to other areas is not proper.
    In addition, if the condition is severe, we recommend you to consult with a doctor since the doctor may consider laser treatment to reduce dark circles.

    Lasers used for depigmentation can be used to reduce dark circles as well.
    • IPL (Intense Pulsed Light)
    • Q-Switch ND YAG
    • Pico Laser
    The doctor will consider the suitable laser for the severity of each person. For effective treatment of dark circles, in most cases is not operated by only one method. It often combines with others, which are appropriate with its root cause. For example, people with dark circles due to allergies, after the condition is improved from laser treatment, they must also be treated for allergy symptoms. Otherwise, the dark circles will come back again.

  • Basic care methods
    • Cold compress method by using a small spoon freezing in the freezer and compressing under the eyes. This will improve the vein expansion under the eyes.
    • Sleeping with raising head
    • Adequate sleep is the easiest way to help reduce dark circles.


 Informed by: Dr. Nicha Tangpobnong

Compiled by: Medisci Center

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