Atchima Talk: Hard Exercising, Risk Depression

exercise depression

Exercise is good for health, which contributes to the mood that includes sleeping. On the other hand, if you exercise too much without any rest periods, there are some adverse effects on your health as well, such as injuries to muscle tissue in various positions, fatigue, chronic fatigue hormonal disorders, and especially one of the well-known psychological disorder 'Depression'

hard exercise, risk depression

The Grape of Too Hard Exercise: 'Muscle, Kidney, Depression'

In addition, exercising too hard can cause “muscle breakdown”, which is a condition that leads to acute kidney failure. It also affects the body's immunity. From exercising, it will make you strong. instead makes the body's immune system worse

However, “Exercise” properly and consistently has more benefits than harm, whether in terms of overall health heart muscle, mental health, or sleep, including the body's immune system but not too heavy. If you are not sure about exercising right now for your body or not. It is advisable to consult a specialist doctor to reduce the risk of illness or injury from exercise

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