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Syringoma is a type of tumor that is solid sweat glands, the most common position is around the eyes, on the chest and face, which can be treated by destroying the melanoma. Although Syringoma is a benign tumor that does not turn into a malignant tumor, it often causes concern in terms of aesthetics, such as making the skin uneven lack of confidence, usually around the eyes, which is easily noticed

The Characteristics

It is more often found in women than men. Appearance as a flesh-colored or slightly red lump Small, about 1-3 millimeters. The lump is usually slightly hard when touched with a finger. Stone acne can start from adolescence. And may find that there is a family history, such as a mother or sibling who is a woman with this type of tumor as well


The Treatment

The regular way for treatment is laser removal, or the use of radiofrequency needles to stoke at the syringoma to make it atrophy. However, many times we found that the patient buys a mole removal solution to treat warts by himself, which may cause scars. Therefore, if syringomas occur, you should see a doctor for proper treatment

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