Atchima Talk: How to treat Deep Wrinkle With Techniques

treat deep wrinkles

The problem of deep wrinkles along the bridge of the nose is caused by problems in the muscles around the eyes and the nose. When we frown or when we smile, we will see grooves forming the muscles of the face that we use to express our facial expressions. Some people smile and like to wrinkle their noses, forming a groove

treat deep wrinkle

Understanding Wrinkle Problems

You have to look at the cause of what the trench is caused by first. There is repeated stretching - shrinking. As a result, wrinkled by wrinkles that occur are often perpendicular. With a bundle of muscles stretched between the nose and forehead if the problem is caused by the muscles can be treated by using botulinum injected into the problem area

This botulinum substance will cause the muscles in that area to work less, resulting in visible wrinkles, faded by the effect of botulinum substance will last about 4-6 months per 1 treatment

But if the wrinkles and deep grooves are very clear, very deep caused by nose surgery or plastic surgery, the skin folds will have to consider the problem again may not be easy to solve like a muscle problem Therefore, before treating or fixing #wrinkles, you must look at and consider the cause by a specialist doctor first every time

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