Achima Talk: Why acne is incurable? Causes and Solutions

acne treatment

If you are facing chronic acne problems that cannot be cured, it may be caused by internal problems, Associated with acne, such as fried foods, oily foods, chocolate, milk, or sweet foods. These food groups will be associated with hormonal changes in the body that cause the body to produce more fat in the skin cells provoking clogged acne and causing acne repeatedly. According to the process, the acne is pressing  out and coming back again

General Treatment

In the group of people who have recurring acne or chronic acne, the doctor will recommend checking for latent food allergies because latent food allergies are the ones that cause the body to cause inflammation and stimulate acne, such as food in the group of flour, sugar, or dairy products. When we check until we know what we are allergic to And refrain from eating that thing, it will make the acne treatment get good results.

acne treatment

The Effective Treatment

Treatment of chronic acne, in addition to pressing acne, acne injections may not be enough. need to Integrate treatment, such as laser therapy to reduce inflammation Acne reduction laser helps prevent acne scarring. Or use a group of energy tools to help reduce the sebaceous glands, inflammation and redness on the face

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