Atrophic Scars: A Variety of Treatment Technologies

Acne holes may not be a big deal, but that's right for many people. I feel frustrated whenever looking at my face in the mirror, which shows pores and pits so fine that I want to hide them all. How to restore the face like a hole on the moon to be smooth and confident again? Medisci Clinic has good answers for you.

First, we must understand the phenomenon on the face known as 'acne' so everyone can understand clearly what it is. What is the cause and how can it lead to acne scars?

Atrophic scar treatment

Acne: The Prologue of Acne Scars

Acne is an inflammation of the skin caused by the blockage of oil and dead skin cells around the hair follicle until it manifests as small, inflamed, red, or pus-filled spots. before dissipating from our faces Some people are fortunate to have a smooth face without a mark. But many people lose confidence when acne has left red marks, black marks, and acne holes to remember as foreign objects.

What is Atrophic Scar?

Atrophic scars are deep, sunken scars caused by acne caused by the skin's impaired self-repair process after inflammation. When left for a long time, the inflammation will begin to destroy the cells until a scar is difficult to repair. Certainly, the more you peel, press and squeeze the pimple, the more it spreads. However, research has found that if we can cure inflammation quickly, it will reduce the chance of scarring.

Atrophic scars treatment

Types of Atrophic Scars

Acne scars are classified as acne scars that lack repair and rejuvenation to return to perfect condition. Which can be subdivided into 3 types:

Rolling Scars

Rolling scars are shallow, spherical acne pits about 4 millimeters wide, usually aligned parallel to the edges of the face in a jagged wave-like pattern. Caused by binding the acne hole of the fascia (Fibrosis) in the dermis layer until it appears a deep dent. In general, doctors tend to treat such types of acne scars by cutting the fascia (Subcision) that adheres to the acne scars under the skin layer to be removed with a small needle called Nokor Needle to accelerate facial skin stimulation to generate collagen to replace the injured acne scars.

Boxcar Scars

Next comes round, deep, and shallow acne holes, 3-5 millimeters wide, usually caused by general inflammatory acne or other factors such as chickenpox. However, in the case of shallow boxcar scars, they can be treated with a laser to help exfoliate the skin. However, other methods can be used at the doctor's discretion if it is a deep acne hole.

Ice Pick Scar

Small deep cone-shaped acne pits, no more than 2 millimeters, which are often found along the cheeks. Most of the time, it is caused by squeezing the pimple until it becomes inflamed. Once the acne starts to subside, it leaves scars that are severe and difficult to heal. In the past, doctors often used the method of surgical sutures to close the acne hole (Punch Excision).

However, the treatment of each type of acne depends on its nature. degree of severity of symptoms in conjunction with modern science and physician discretion is important Nowadays, there are various technologies available to effectively answer the problem of acne holes to the root cause. We'll come back to this later.

Atrophic Scar

Atrophic Scars Treatment

Acne scars can be treated in several ways depending on the type of acne scars. symptom severity Appearance position and assessment of the specialists as to whether the patient's skin condition is suitable for what treatments to achieve the desired results. We have gathered various types of acne treatment innovations together.

  • Surgery and sutures: replacing tissues from other areas and sutures to allow tissue growth
  • Treatment by using a special needle: in which the needle is inserted under the skin to cut the membrane and groove each hole to shallow the pockmarks. At present, a variety of technologies is adopted for pockmarks treatment. The technologies focus on dead skin cell removal and stimulating the regeneration of skin cells
  • Skin conditioning with microdermabrasion: a method of microdermabrasion with gem scales that helps to shallow the pockmarks
  • Skin conditioning with acid: by marking or peeling the skin with fruit acids, it helps to exfoliate the upper skin cells and stimulate body regeneration reducing the pockmarks
  • Treatment by laser: stimulates the production of collagen under the skin to reduce acne scars
  • Treatment by Radio Frequency:  the transmission of energy to stimulate collagen production to reduce wrinkles, redness, black spots, or acne holes.

Atrophic scars

The Side Effects

It will depend on the technology of the treatment. Generally, the technologies such as the use of fruit acids or deep-penetration acid cause the wound and stimulate collagen replacement. There may be side effects from infection such as redness, hyperpigmentation, and recurring scars, or may stimulate more acne. In addition, postoperation care is also a factor.

The Prevention of Atrophic Scars

You should start the treatment since the acne is turning to scars or prevention before the acne exists. The major causes of acne are stress, hormones, sleep late, toner, and cosmetics. If you have acne, you should prevent the inflammation and avoid foods causing skin inflammation such as chocolates, ice cream, cow's milk, desserts, and fried foods. Severe and incurable acne problems are developed by taking antibiotics for a long time. Thus, it results in severe inflammation of the body and poor digestion and absorption. These effects lead to acne occurrence and more pockmarks.


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