6 Techniques For Choosing Sunscreen Without Oily Skin

Choose Sunscreen

When choosing sunscreen, we may have to choose a light sunscreen that absorbs quickly and is not sticky. Some sunscreen products are made into a mousse foam texture. The advantage of mousse foam sunscreen is lightness, not greasiness which can also add moisture to the skin, and does not cause clogging.

Which sunscreen should I use? Must be able to block both UVA/UVB and must be protected against HEVL/IR-A or blue light because they are blue or infrared. It is a light that will cause premature skin aging, blemishes, freckles, abnormal pigmentation, lower skin immunity, allergic rashes, and even skin cancer.

choose sunscreen

Heliocare Sunscreen With Powerful Protection Performance

Therefore, we must choose to use sunscreen that has research results, such as mousse foam sunscreen that is light, not sticky, not oily, not greasy, and also adds moisture to the skin. which substances protect from the sun of the foam mousse It is an extract from fern leaves (Fern Block Technology) and has the ability to develop its own sun protection mechanism. This #mousse foam sunscreen has a Lab in Spain (Cantabria Labs) together with a medical team from Haar University. Wards in the United States

Tips For Choosing The Right Sunscreen for Us

    • How much UVB/UVA protection does sunscreen provide?
    • Sunscreen with an SPF of more than 30 and PA ++++, if the more SPF 50 protection, the better, the more SPF protection, because the more protection, the better. Resistant to red burning skin in the PA ++++ value, indicates the protection against UVA, which is how much the skin is resistant to blackening.
    • Sunscreen that can resist high levels of free radicals The repair of skin cells, especially the DNA that is inside the cells when damaged, increases the risk of cancer.
    • Sunscreen that can protect the skin from various pollution including PM 2.5
    • Sunscreen must not contain paraben-type preservatives (paraben-free) that may affect hormones.

Finally, choosing sunscreen to prevent cancer. Protects against all rays No harmful substances to the skin.

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