Atchima Talk: Getting Better With Tips For Migraines Relief

migraine relief

Migraine is one of the syndromes that ordinarily occur, but sometimes it is 'out of the blues'. Do you have symptoms like this? One-sided headache or tightness of the muscles in the neck - shoulder, how to get better with migraine relief, we have

Most are often caused by office syndrome, Unilateral migraine headaches are very common nowadays. The syndrome is a problem with contractions. or tightness of the muscles in the neck-shoulder-shoulder area If the aforementioned muscles are used all the time, it will cause tension and contraction, causing pain along the neck to the eye sockets, which is the cause of migraine pain (Migraine).

migraine relief

The Level of Migraine Pain

There are many levels of migraine pain, which doctors generally classify the symptoms into 4 levels

  • Prodrome: often precedes pain It often results in mood changes, edema, and frequent urination
  • Aura: 20 to 40 minutes before or during the headache, when you begin to see a bright or zig-zagging Lange Flash. together with a state of weakness
  • Headache phase: Gradually progressively worsening headaches, lasting from 4 to 24 hours.
  • Late symptoms (Postdrome): can occur for days. This may include confusion, weakness, and feelings of exhaustion

migraine relief

The Prevention of Migraine

There are many ways for relieving migraine, such as stretching the muscles, using an ice pack to help reduce spasms of the muscles or exercising to manage the muscles in the neck-shoulder-shoulder area, acupressure massage

If doing these methods is not still better, you need to see a physiotherapist. Physical therapists will have treatment methods using laser or ultrasound technology to reduce pain and electromagnetic therapy. In this case, these treatment groups will help cause relaxation of the muscles and make the pain less

Reducing Migraine By 'Changing Movement'

It is important for you to try changing your posture, Just start getting up and walking after working for a while not only will help with the circulatory system, but also help the waste excretion system to be better. Part of the pain comes from the raging toxins in the muscles caused by muscle contraction. If there is some movement of the muscle, there will be no contraction. too much muscle

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