Tattoo Lover


Tattoo Lover

              Nowadays, there are many aspects about tattoo. Most of people accept the tattoo and do not consider it as bad guy stuff anymore. As a result, more people do a tattoo. It becomes very easy to get those beautiful pictures on your skin. However, such easy decision makes many people feel sorry for their bodies forever. Got a tattoo is easy, but tattoo removal is not at all.


              Tattoo removal, nowadays, is done by laser technology. It is performed by shooting laser through the skin layer around tattoo areas. Laser breaks up the pigment colors, and those inks will be excreted via lymph or scab. There are many types of laser for tattoo removal depending on colors of tattoo, and laser works by absorbing ink or exfoliating your skin. Absolutely, multicolor tattoo is harder to remove than unicolor one.

              The easiest places to remove a tattoo are face and neck since the skin around these areas is thinner than body and limb. Skin around body and limb is harder to remove and prone to have scars. Moreover, types of ink are one of the factors affecting difficulty of tattoo removal.


                    Amateur tattoo contains less color and irregular penetration, making it easier to remove than one from professional. Professional uses a tattoo machine, so tattoo contains large amount of color causing more time to spend to remove those away. Laser removal of a tattoo causes more pain than tattooing. Some patients may have bullous, white spots, dark spots, and scar. Laser must be done for many times depending on tattoo process.


              Tattoo removal with radiofrequency is another option. The principle is that the tissue comes into contact, and radiofrequency wave is transmitted to remove pigments by heat. It likes exfoliation with a deeper layer for faster pigment removal.

              Although there are many ways to remove a tattoo, it is still hard to make those skins smoothening again. Multicolor tattoo is much more difficult to remove than black or blue tattoo. Therefore, we must select medical center which is reliable and provide the potential technology. Moreover, the treatment must be only done by a professional physician.



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