5 ways to prevent acne after exercise

                In general, exercise is good for your health and for your skin. Because it will help increase the blood supply to the skin area Causing oxygen nutrients to feed more skin cells. Up, but at the same time as the blood supply to the skin cells increases Our pores will have to open. And then temporary expansion Makes for some people After exercise Therefore there is a problem with the occurrence of acne clogging easily.

                 Today, doctors have advice. For the prevention of acne in people who like to exercise together.

      The first is that in the make-up person Should wash the cosmetics first. Because when we are exercising The hair follicle that opens and then expands. Cosmetic oils combine with sweat and bacteria in the pores. And then can cause acne to follow But if you don't really want to wash off your makeup The doctor advised to find cosmetics that do not contain oil as an ingredient. To be used instead during exercise instead.

     2. in people with long hair, they should be tied back from the face during exercise. The reason is similar from the first, is to prevent natural oil in the hair or from hair dressing products. Combined with sweat and bacteria, hair follicles and cause acne followed.

     3. Keep clean the equipment. That may come into contact with our faces During exercise such as yoga mats, boxing hats, headphones so as not to be a source of bacteria.

     4. Avoid touching or touching the face frequently. Because the exercise equipment that we use Especially equipment that is shared with others Is often a source of bacteria.

And finally After exercise Should be cleaned with a gentle cleanser every time in order to wash the oil stain And then the sweat residue on the face Including in people who tend to have acne on the chest and back. Should shower after every exercise To reduce the accumulation of mold and bacteria.





Information provided by: Dr. Narumon Thongsriiam
Compiled by: Medisci