Does birth control pill really help reduce acne?

 Does birth control pill really help reduce acne?

            Birth control pill, containing female hormones, mostly affects against male hormones; therefore, it can really help reduce acne. Testosterone, one of the important male hormones, stimulates sebaceous glands to produce more oil on the skin increasing risk of comedones and inflammatory acnes. On the contrary, birth control pill acts against that hormone, so it can decrease oil production causing acne reduction. However, not all contraceptive pills are qualified for treating acne.

            Moreover, dangerously, birth control pills might increase the risk of some unwanted health conditions such as thrombosis. In addition, it may cause unfavorable side effects such as melasma, body swelling, and cellulite increasing, therefore, aiming to cure acnes, contraceptive must be prescribed by professional doctor.

            There are many reasons causing acne severity including genetics, diet, stress, inadequate sleep, or allergies from cosmetics, skincare, or moisturizers. Therefore, birth control pill is the last option for acne treatment when other medications are not working. You should not use contraceptive pill by yourself because it may not only be ineffective but also cause undesirable adverse effects later.





Information by: Dr. Nicha Tangpapong
Compiled by: Medisci Center

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