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how to get sleep easy

9 Ways to Get Better Sleep

Sleeping is a resting condition of body and mind, hormones, as well as heart and pulse. It is a good time for rebalancing. During sleeping, our brain will collect daily data to become a memory; therefore, our mind is relaxed while our brain solves many problems.

Insomnia not only causes tiredness but also impairs working abilities. This condition reduces memory, decreases consciousness, and slows down thinking and decision-making processes.

how to get sleep easy

The Effect of Insomnia

According to the study, moreover, it is found that insomnia worsens anxiety and depression. The main cause of insomnia is anxiety from changing workplaces, moving houses, or solving many situations at that time. The elderly tend to have more insomnia since hormonal reduction. In addition, many age-related diseases significantly affect sleeping, and some drugs reduce sleep quality.

how to get sleep easy

The Tips For Better Sleeping

If you feel insomnia recently, you should modify the sleep environment. Here are the nine instructions to get better sleep.

  1. Go to bed and get up strictly to schedule.
  2. Avoid siesta. If it is necessary, just take a little nap.
  3. Do not work in your bedroom.
  4. Prepare yourself at least 30 minutes before bedtime.
  5. Wear comfortable clothes.
  6. Avoid exciting activities before bedtime.
  7. Should not eat heavy meals at least 3 hours before bedtime.
  8. Exercise can improve sleep, but you should avoid heavy exercise before bedtime.
  9. The most important key is avoiding tea, coffee, and medicines causing insomnia.

Sleeping pills are useful, but you have to be under a physician’s control. Please remind that buying those pills by yourself is illegal and very harmful.

When you should consult a doctor? The answer is when you notice insomnia affecting your daily life; for example, impairing memory, worsening working quality, or having continuous insomnia for more than 1 week.

Information provided by: Dr. Nicha Tangpapong

Compiled by: Medisci Center

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