4 steps to solve sunburn skin problems.

               For Thailand Regardless of the season Would be difficult to avoid the matter of sunlight If you choose the right sunscreen, the right SPF and sufficient usage Will be able to prevent sunburn from the sun But if applying sunscreen in time The skin has burnt And the skin begins to have a red burning sensation, should take care as follows.

               1. Cold compress should take a cold shower Or use saline to wash the wound, soak in cold water, use a cotton ball or cloth moistened with saline Then apply on the burned area Will help relieve heat Or if unable to find Use a cloth moistened with normal temperature, then apply a compress to help.

              2. Apply moisturizers or creams that will add moisture to the skin in some cases if there is a very red burning sensation or appears to be inflamed May be necessary to apply inflammation reduction In the steroid group helping with drugs in this group Unable to buy to apply by themselves Due to unsafe Therefore need to see a doctor For the doctor to prescribe medication according to the dosage appropriate to the symptoms.

              3. Drink plenty of water due to drinking a lot of water. Will help reduce skin dryness And also helps to compensate for the water lost by the sunburn. In the case of low sunburn The symptoms may be just a burning, red skin after 3-4 days or 1 week. The peeling of the skin may begin.

           4. Pat found in the case of very sunburned skin Until the water blisters appear on the skin Similar to being scalded If starting to have blisters, do not !! Punch yourself out absolutely. Because of the puncture of the skin itself May cause repeated bacterial infections The skin in that area Should hurry to see a doctor In order to be diagnosed Including maintaining properly and appropriately.

Information provided by: Dr. Nicha Tangpobnong
Compiled by: Medisci