Dangerous blue light in the digital age.

             Using eyes with a computer screen Or mobile phones for a long time Very bad for the eyes, which is mainly due to the blue light (Blue Light) coming out of the screen itself.

            This blue light is a wave of short wavelengths. But has high energy The source of blue light around us Can be found from Sun light, fluorescent lamp, mobile phone screen, LED computer screen used. Which is normally the blue light coming out from the computer monitor Or that mobile phone Will have a very small quantity But due to the spacing of the screen With the eyes that are too close Which if staring at a computer or mobile phone for a long time It will result in damage to the eyes, dry eyes, blurred eyes, or tearing. And long-term blue light Can also cause macular degeneration Which is also a major cause of blindness.

            In addition to the blue light affecting the eyes Also affects the inhibition of melatonin, an important hormone controlling sleep When yes, computer or mobile phone before going to bed May result in insomnia following.

              For ways to prevent blue light Not harmful to the eyes. Can be done by

  1. Reduce the period of use of computers or mobile phones. If needed Should rest your eyes often Avoid using these screens in low light.
  2.  Use filter equipment Or blue light filtering equipment Which is currently available as a screen-mounted film Blue light glasses To wear every time when using the phone screen Or computer.

            Which although these devices Will not be able to filter 100% blue light, but at least help reduce the impact on the eyes Helps to feel more comfortable In the time that the screen must be used for a long time.


Information provided by: Dr. Narumon Thongsriiam
Compiled by: Medisci