Dangerous blue light in the digital age.

 Blue Light: Dangers of the Digital Age

Staring computer screen or smart phone in long periods is dangerous to your eye due to Blue Light from the screen.

Blue light has a short wavelength but high energy. It originates from sunlight, fluorescent lamp, smart phone screen, LED screen, and computer.
          Normally, blue light from computer or smart phone has very little amount. However, if your eyes are too close to the screen in a long duration, it can cause eye pain, dry eyes, blurry vision, or tear. In the long term, blue light causes age-related macular degeneration, which is the major cause of blindness.

          Blue light not only affects to your eyes but also hormones. It inhibits melatonin which is important for sleep. Therefore, if you use computer or smart phone before going to bed, you may have insomnia.
Methods to prevent eye danger from blue light are as follows:
          1. Reduce time using computer or smart phone, try to rest eyes frequently, and avoid using screen in dim light.
          2. Use filter or blue light filter such as screen protector or blue-light blocking glasses every time while using mobile phone or computer.

          Although this equipment cannot absolutely filtrates blue light, at least it can reduce affects to your eyes and improve comfortable while staring at screen for long periods.
Information by Dr. Narumol Tongsreeneam
Composed by Medisci Center

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