Beware!! Eating sweets makes your face look old quickly.

Eating sweets in large quantities
Can cause wrinkles And really face before age !!

               Which is caused by "sugar" itself, whether pure sugar mixed in desserts Or is the sugar that comes from the digestion of the white powder That comes from pasta foods Or the bakery that we like to eat.

               These sugar When we eat Whether absorbed in the form of glucose or fructose when it gets into the bloodstream in a large amount or more than the body can use all.These sugars will react "Glycation" with the structure of proteins, fats, DNA and form "AGEs"Which causes the structure of collagen throughout the body Malfunction And lost work Cause wrinkles Dark spots, dry skin And looked older before following.

                If anyone does not want to have wrinkles Or old face Should refrain from eating sugars, desserts or foods that are white flour.Which aside from helping to make the face not look old then It is also a prevention of other chronic diseases that are to follow, such as diabetes, fat in the blood vessels. Or high blood pressure as well.



Information provided by: Dr. Narumon Thongsriiam
Compiled by: Medisci