Thermage CPT VS FLX: The Difference of Effective Treatment

thermage cpt vs flx

If we are talking about facial lifting and tightening machines that have been highly popular over the years, 'Thermage' is considered one of the most effective radio frequency technologies for facial skin. There has also been an evolution of the device over many generations. until now The company has released the latest version. Here, let's compare Thermage CPT VS FLX. What are the advantages of these two models?

thermage cpt vs flx

CPT VS FLX: The Differences of Treatment Efficiency

Thermage CPT

CPT (Comfort Pulse Technology) is a 3rd generation Thermage launched in 2009 which has been improved with a Vibration System, Cooling System, and effective high-frequency radio waves through the head ( Tip) Different colors for treating the eye frame, face, and body for different number of shots.
However, Thermage CPT has the limitation of not calculating the current subsurface heat level before firing. therefore must be treated Controlled or under the supervision of an expert dermatologist who adjusts the temperature level and other factors to suit the person's skin condition

Thermage FLX

FLX (Faster Algorithm Experience) is the latest version of Thermage in 2017, which has been developed to more effectively treat wrinkles and sagging skin through 3 FLX principles, which include:

  • Faster 25% faster than before with the 4.0 square centimeter (CM2) purple Thermage Tip head, which has been developed to be able to release heat energy in a more powerful particle size compared to the original 3.0 model tip, which shortens the treatment time. to be shorter than the CPT model
  • The algorithm is more accurate with AccuREP Technology, which can effectively measure, adjust, and deliver energy in real-time to the skin layers with every shot
  • Experience reduces pain during the procedure. Ready to provide a more comfortable treatment experience with a powerful cooling system (Cooling System) Together with the vibration system (Vibration) from the tip that gives a soft touch. Relax throughout the treatment period


thermage cpt vs flx


Total Tip: Another Difference For Better Results

This is because the Total Tip is classified as a type of head that is effective in emitting radio frequency waves into the skin to a depth of 4.3 mm, which answers the needs of people with high levels of skin problems. However, both the CPT and FLX models use the Total Tip, which has different colors, sizes, and The number of different shocks released is as follows:

  • Orange CPT size 3 sq. cm., which has the power to deliver energy to the skin from 600, 900, and 1,200 Shots, depending on the area to be treated
  • FLX purple size 4 (TT4.00F6-XXX) With a wider size, the FLX model delivers 300, 600, and 900 shots of energy into the treated area, which shortens treatment time by 22%

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