Instant Face Lifting with 'SmasLift' the signature technique


Is SmasLift Suitable for:

  1. People with sagging skin
  2. Need a medical procedure for instant result
  3. Desire skin lifting without leaving scars
  4. Unable to recuperate
  5. Prefer a natural face shape
  6. Someone who wants to save time and money
  7. tighten the skin but afraid of pain

About service

What is the SmasLift Technique?

  • SmasLift Technique is a technique for lifting sagging skin, invented by Dr. Atchima. It is a quick solution for the facial sagging problem without causing pain, swelling, or scar. You can see results immediately after the treatment.
  • SmasLift Technique is different from surgical facelifts, in which doctors will correct the skin sagging by cutting and stitching the muscles in the SMAS (SMAS: Superficial Musculo-Aponeurotic System). This surgical method requires recovery and may cause trauma, scars, and postoperative side effects.
  • SmasLift Technique is also different from skin tightening with sound waves or Hifu, which may cause swelling after treatment and requires 1-3 months for treatment results.

Invented by: Dr. Atchima Suwanjinda, MD. , Published in the international medical journals

DOI: 10.1111 / jocd.12722, Corpus ID: 51943212, The posterior temporal supraSMAS minimally invasive lifting technique using soft ‐ tissue fillers, Atchima Suwanchinda, Katherine L Webb, +9 authors S. Cotofana, Published 2018 Medicine, Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology.


  • Take 10-30 minutes
  • See the instant result after treatment
  • Cause no pain, swelling, or marks
  • Natural lifting
  • Lift sagging skin without surgery
  • Results last more than 1 year (depending on the health and care of the patient)
  • It can combine with other skin care procedures.


Preparing yourself before treatment

No special preparation is required. You can make an advance appointment before undergoing the service via register at the click or call 089-900-6100 

Duration of treatment

Treatment is required for about 10-30 minutes depending on each person.

What does include in this package?

  • Unique techniques with high efficiency and safety by Dr. Atchima Suwanchinda
  • Doctor's fee

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