Vbeam perfecta Laser

    Vbeam perfecta Laser



    About service
    Vbeam perfecta Laser is a laser from Candella, USA. The laser is gentle on the skin and well absorbed by red blood cells as well as melanins. Therefore, the laser possesses the ability to treat on the disorder of superficial veins (within depth of 1.5 mm) on various skin areas such as capillaries on the face and legs, hypertrophic scars, birthmarks, abnormal redness, strech marks, warts, PIH, redness on nasolabial folds, wrinkles, etc. more information

    - Treat redness
    - Treat capillaries
    - Treat hytrophic scars
    - Treat birthmarks
    - Treat strech marks

    Preparing yourself before treatment
    No special preparation is required. You can make an advance appointment before undergoing the service via register at click or call 089-900-6100 click

    Duration of treatment
    Each treatment is required 1 hour. Topical anesthesia application is required 30 minutes. Then the doctor will shoot laser on the problem area. The result will permanently last if there is no skin expansion.

    What does include in this package?
    - Topical anesthesia before laser treatment
    - Doctor's fee
    - Service charge
    - Excluding the cost of drugs and medical supplies in case of recuperate at home after laser



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