AtchimaTalk: Should You Make Keloid Injection From Your Own?

keloid injection

Keloid scars are a type of scar that is larger than the wound. Keloid injection is a form of treatment to use steroid injections for slowing down cell function. The doctor may consider treating it in conjunction with laser treatment, radiation, or surgery


but the doctors do not recommend injecting yourself, because the injection treatment of keloid scars requires expertise. whether the injection is effective to feel the least pain There are different dosages of keloid injections. There are many drug concentrations. Each type is suitable for different keloid scars. And what's more, keloid injections require sterilization techniques. Otherwise, it may lead to sepsis. Existing scars will get worse. Therefore, I recommend that “ Do not inject keloids.

keloid injection

The Cause of Keloid Scar

It is caused by excessive tissue growth, seen as a thick bulge in the area that is used to be a wound, which will occur after those wounds have healed. It is very common in both women and men. From children to the elderly, although it does not cause any harm, it may cause pain, itching, irritation, or affect beauty

keloid scar

Keloid Injection Treatment

 The effective keloid scar treatment are many types that should be considered by a doctor as the best. The doctor will assess the condition of the wound, and choose the appropriate treatment method. If you have problems with keloid scars, you should see a doctor who specialized in that field

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