LP-PRP Growth Factor: Resurface And Boost Beautiful Skin


'Blood' is not just a red liquid that sustains life, but is also used as an elixir for restoring youth to remain with us for a long time Many people may be familiar with the name Platelet Rich Plasma. Some have heard it called 'Vampire Facial Therapy' from the Hollywood media. However, few people know what PRP injections are, how they originate, and how they provide results to our faces. Medisci Clinic and readers will solve the mystery of facial skin rejuvenation with blood called LP-PRP Growth Factor in each issue together

PRP Growth Factor

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma Growth Factor) is an innovation for skin rejuvenation with platelets, which relies on the natural mechanisms of the body as an accelerating factor to slow down aging. It also gives low side effects. Since these platelets come from our own body, PRP works in conjunction with many growth factors, including FGF, PDGF, TGF-ß, EGF, VEGF, and IGF, which play an important role in stimulating Stem Cell to create new tissue to replace the part. wear and tear Including stimulating fibroblasts (Fibroblast) to create good collagen to arrange until the skin is smooth and even.

In addition, plasma is rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins, and hormones. It also helps repair the skin to recover faster than the normal mechanism of the body. Currently, LP-PRP (Leukocytes Poor Platelet Rich Plasma) is the latest technology in the blood industry that is highly effective and popular today.


The History of PRP

With the innovative technology of the skin industry, which has been developed from science. Biotechnology Therefore, we can extract growth factors and concentrated cytokines from the plasma in the platelets to strengthen the cell regeneration mechanism. Not only does it give the whole body a radiant glow, but PRP is also widely applied to treat blemishes, wrinkles, hair loss, sexual health, and early osteoarthritis around the world.



What is LP-PRP?

LP-PRP (Leukocytes Poor Platelet Rich Plasma) is platelet-rich plasma, which has been extracted in small amounts of leukocytes from Regen Lab technology to effectively avoid inflammation and slow down the regeneration of new skin cells which can be said to be superior to PRP is LP-PRP


The Benefits of LP-PRP

  • Face and body: Enriched with revitalizers that can be used on all skin types. It is also convenient to do in conjunction with other procedures. Which, if treated with LP-PRP injection, will get the following results
    • Fix sagging skin to be elastic, tight, and firm.
    • Adjust very dry skin, wrinkles, and deep wrinkles to be radiant and soft.
    • Treatment of freckles, acne holes uneven skin tone, and dullness to fade
  • Hair: It has also been widely applied to treat hair loss, thinning hair, dry hair and baldness. By slowing down hair loss and restoring hair follicle cells to be strong enough to create hair. Therefore, it is not surprising that LP-PRP is prominent in the hair transplantation industry at present.
  • Sexual health: also helps to supplement the treatment together with the rejuvenation of the vaginal area (Vagina) that is dry, and lacks hormones to moisturize and tighten as well.


Pre-Post Treatment

Patients do not need special preparation. Just drink water and get enough rest after consulting your doctor as usual. In which a small amount of blood will be drawn before treatment, however, there are some considerations that patients should be aware of as follows

  • Avoid caffeinated drinks, spicy food, dietary supplements, and aspirin or Nurofen. Before the LP-PRP injection procedure at least 1-2 weeks to prevent the anticoagulant effect which causes swelling and bruising during the treatment.
  • Avoid swimming Stay out of the sun or exercise hard after LP-PRP injection for at least 72 hours or at the discretion of the doctor.


The Different Results of PRP

“If ever disappointed from PRP treatment, read this information.” Knowing the information before undergoing PRP treatment will help increase the efficiency of treatment to another level. LP-PRP injection is another good choice. Which helps you restore your beauty over time. Medisci is ready to answer your skin problems with Centrifuge technology, unique from Regen Lab, which has been used in cell therapy for over 2 decades and has passed the ISO13485 quality standards in America, Canada, and Australia. together with being certified by the Food and Drug Administration of Thailand (FDA)

LP-PRP: Another Advanced Process Principle

With the efficiency of LP-PRP, the concentration of platelets is 1-3 times lower than conventional PRP, so there are fewer side effects after treatment. It also provides more effectiveness in treatment. The process is carried out through a closed system that is sterile (Sterile technique) and decontamination, which gives you peace of mind that every treatment will go well over time.



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