Atchima Talk: How to Upgrade Your Handsome

Handsome Upgrade

Nowadays, surprisingly, some “men” take care of their own appearances from head to toe more than “women”. Like women, men can buy a spa course, do facial treatment, or consult with a beauty clinic. Therefore, it is a new normal.

Generally, body degeneration in men is slower than in women because collagen is tightly packed. Moreover, the male hormone also strengthens the skin, so men’s skin is rough but strong because testosterone enhances facial oil causing moisturized skin. This is the reason why men grow old slower than women. However, male hormones can cause acne. Therefore, if men do not take care of their skin, they prone to have chronic acne than women. Furthermore, men are more likely to have skin cancer.

Although men’s skin is stronger than women, men can also have wrinkles, glabellar lines, loose and flabby facial skin, and double chin which can be treated by skin lift. 

The Solutions For Upgrading Handsome

In the past, flabby skin fixing can be done by surgery giving satisfying results; however, it is at high risk of side effects such as infected wound, long rehabilitation, swollen, redness, and bruise. Therefore, a non-invasive technology is used for face lift and wrinkle reduction.


Botox Injection

Botox injection reduces wrinkles due to muscle tension from motility. However, since it is just a temporary, and the wrinkles cannot permanently disappear, the operation must be repetitively done.

Filler injection fills or plumps up skin or subcutaneous layer. Doctor usually uses filler for deep wrinkle reduction in any facial part including forehead, eyes, and lips. Moreover, it can fix face shapes such as lips or cheeks fillers.

Ultrasound Technology

Ulthera or Ultratherapy is a non-invasive HIFU-Knife emitted from Focus Ultrasound machine for face lift. The machine will send small energy to skin layer over muscle layer to stimulate collagen production. Therefore, collagen can gradually improve skin tightening and smoothening. Moreover, Ulthera can also fix saggy skin, large pores, and unsmooth skin, and it can combine with liposuction for double chin removal.

handsome upgrade


Radiofrequency wave or Thermage is a monopolar RF wave emitting energy to the dermis causing heat in the deep skin layer. It will rearrange degenerated collagen and elastin and stimulate new collagen and elastin production causing smooth, firm, and tight skin. Moreover, the wrinkles are also reduced. This operation causes no wound to superficial skin, and its results last for long.

Nowadays, many technologies are available for face lift, wrinkle reduction, and face shape adjustment. The key is to select a suitable technology for individual’s problems and to consult with professional physician for the most desirable results.

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