Atchima Talk: The Bacterias for Better Skin


Many people think that “bacteria” is nothing than a pathogen causing many harmful diseases and making us sick. In fact, bacteria in our body, on the contrary, can maintain our health, improve body function, absorb vitamins, digest food, and inhibit pathogenic bacteria.

Probiotics are microbiotics such as bacteria and yeast naturally found in the gut. It is called “ good bacteria” because it can strengthen your intestine. The well-known bacteria are Lactobacillus and Bifidobacteria which can be found in supplements, creamy food, fermented milk, yogurt, etc. These bacteria can reduce bad bacteria, enhance good bacteria, rebalance helpful bacteria, and stimulate the immune system. Therefore, it can treat diarrhea and constipation as well as decrease bad lipid levels.


The Additional Composition

    • Prebiotics such as undigested fibers are food for probiotics. Those fibers are digested by bacteria in the large intestine causing enhancing in function and amount of probiotics.  
    • Synbiotics are a combination of prebiotics and probiotics which is efficient for the immune system. Therefore, it improves your body function such as the digestive system.

Bacteria for better Skin

Tips For Good Health

Taking good bacteria is beneficial for your health. However, it causes disadvantages in some people such as immunocompromised or unhealthy patients. Those bacteria may be too excessive causing infection. As a result, patients should consult a doctor before consumption.

Good skin begins with a good gut. Probiotic implants can reduce inflammation, strengthen gut mucosa, and improve intestine function causing better skin. Many studies find that more than 50% of patients with chronic acne have probiotic abnormalities.

Bacteria for better skin

Therefore, before treating your skin, you must treat your gut problems first by undergoing a probiotic implant, taking supplements to repair the intestine and mucosa, and avoiding any food causing inflammation such as processed food, frozen food, fermented food, or dairy products including bakery, butter, and cheese. Probiotics can rebalance intestinal function and boost the immune system. When your digestive system becomes normal, you will have good health and gorgeous skin with less inflammation or rashes.

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