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Eliminate Unsatastifying spots

We believe that many people probably have certain parts of their body that are undesirable whether it is a hidden spot or a noticeable spot. It makes us lack confidence and feel inferior. It also may cause disgusting from those around you. Let's explore what are the unsatisfying spots.

Blackheads are mostly found in teenagers. Indeed, blackheads are not acne, but it is small hairs on the face. It is a group of hair follicles, so it is visible as a black spot. A lot of hormones releasing and fat cells increasing are the reasons of blackheads occurence; therefore, fat cells combining with many facial hairs cause blackheads. Many people choose to solve the problem by using glue patches to peel the blackheads off, but it is the wrong method because it causes the larger pores and scars.

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Ingrown Hair Problems

The correct method is hair and fat removal. There are several methods including the use of an unguent to reduce oil adhesion, the use of laser to help in hair removal, and the use of a skin scrubber to reduce sticking and stimulate the exfoliation of the outer skin resulting in smoother nose skin.

The problem of ingrown hairs along the arms and thighs is another major problem for women. When ingrown hair is inflamed, it will be visible as unsmooth black and red marks. As a result, your will lose your confidence. Many people with poor health have inflammation in different parts of the body. Apart from allergies and rashes, they may have hair follicles inflammation and problems with ingrown hairs. Treatment of ingrown hairs on the arms or legs is done by laser treatment for hair removal.

Reducing Problems With The Lasers

The laser reduces inflammation and hyperpigmentation, and patients must apply an unguent to reduce inflammation such as steroid drugs for a short time. In some cases with folliculitis, redness, and pustules, it may be necessary to take antibiotics or antifungal drugs to control the inflammation of ingrown hairs. In order to prevent ingrown hair regeneration, using fruit acids for skin conditioning or salicylic acid substances can stimulate the exfoliation of the skin, and these acids are able to penetrate deep into the pores.

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Body Odor Problems

Body odor problem is caused by apocrine glands. In general, apocrine glands will produce secretions. If this substance consists of bacteria, it will cause body odor. In some cases with a lot of sweat, the odor comes from food. When sweat is mixed with secretions and bacteria, it will cause a strong body odor making you become unwanting to your surroundings. There are various types of treatment for body odor problems as follows:

  • Apply an unguent to reduce sweat: It must be applied continuously and may cause side effects such as rashes.
  • Taking medicine to reduce sweat: The side effects are quite high as the medicine will affect the body.
  • Botox injections (Botulinum toxin A) to reduce the activity of muscles located at the follicles: It can reduce the occurrence of sweating but may require high cost and repeated injections because its effect doesn't last long.

how to get rid of dark spots

The Treatment

    • Surgery: It is performed by cutting off the nerves that stimulate the apocrine glands or remove apocrine glands. This method provides good results, but it causes large surgical wounds and scars.
    • Liposuction: It is done by opening and injecting anesthesia into the skin and operating the liposuction above the gland area. It will reduce the occurrence of odor.
    • Using radio frequency technology (Total Axilla Technique): It is the latest technology specifically invented to solve the problem of the underarm skin by eliminating apocrine glands under the skin.

The Main Causes of Sweat and Body Odor

  1. The first part: This specific technique sends radio frequency waves (RF) to destroy the apocrine glands, sebaceous glands, and hair follicles, which are the reasons for dampness and smell in those areas.
  2. The second part: Radiofrequency waves also stimulate collagen production causing tight and smooth armpits.
  3. The third part: Combining with high-efficient lasers, it destroys the pigment and brightens the skin tone.

The Total Axilla Technique resolves other underarm skin problems as well as gives good and clear results without surgery. It is safe, and the patients are able to do their normal daily activities after the treatment.

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