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Women, absolutely, want to be beautiful since their appearance is the first thing other people see. Cosmetic surgery, a familiar operation, therefore, is performed for fixing facial and body defects. Thinking about cosmetic surgery, a nose job, or a chin implant may come to your mind. The biggest trends in plastic surgery are Botox injections and fillers. However, the problem is how to have a satisfying look with safety. Here is the answer.


What is Filler?

Fillers are substances injected beneath the surface of the skin to add fullness. Mostly, physician uses fillers for reducing and fixing deep wrinkles in any parts of face which are forehead, eyes, and oral commissures. Moreover, it is used for adjusting face shape such as lips and cheeks fillers. Elderly with sunken cheeks can also use fillers, too. Fillers even can be used for skin nourishment and rejuvenation in the areas of face, neck, back of hands, and chest as well. The substances are divided into 2 groups.

  1. Fat graft: the process by which fat is transferred from unwanted areas such as belly and thighs to fill facial defect areas.
  2. Synthetic filers are medical synthetic substances used for filing your face. Each type has different qualities and side effects.


Types of synthetic fillers

  1. Degradable synthetic fillers or hyaluronic acid is a temporary filler. Duration depends on concentration and its structures. If there is any mistake, it can be fixed by a solution that can degrade hyaluronic acid. Therefore, compared with other synthetic types, it has fewer side effects.
  2. Non-degradable synthetic fillers consist of calcium hydroxyapatite which has a long life span in our body and is non-degradable. If it leaks into blood vessels, it can cause serious side effects which are necrosis and visual loss. As a result, the operation must be done by a professional physician. Substances currently used are as follows:

1.  Artecoll and Artefil

Artecoll and Artefill is a mixture of polymethylmethacrylate and bovine collagen which can be lasted for 5-7 years. Disadvantages are allergy and infection. Moreover, its side effects are hard to cure because it is unable to degrade by itself.

2.  Polylactic acid

Polylactic acid is used for stimulating collagen production. It is required high technique, and the substance must be diluted before injection. This substance is beneficial for filling the face shape in sunken cheeks and skinny patients.

3.  Polyacrylamide gel

Polyacrylamide gel causes the most adverse effects. This substance is added to many filler products. When it is injected to your body, it will form a solid nodule which is a cause of wound and infection. Moreover, the removal procedure is very difficult.


Why is it going wrong after injecting filler?

Fillers can go wrong or give unsatisfying results if the operation is not done by the physician. In addition, side effects can be occurred by improper injection techniques or fake fillers such as paraffin or liquid silicone. When these substances enter our body, it will fuse with tissue cells causing inflammation, erythema, dark spots, or sagging. If it leaks into blood vessels, it can cause pulmonary embolism, paralysis, and life-threatening.


Can Liquid silicone be removed?

Liquid silicone cannot be easily removed or degraded by itself; thus, the surgery is required. If those silicones flow into vital organs, the removal operation will be much more difficult, and the surgery can cause undesirable wounds. As a result, radiofrequency or lasers are used instead. It can cause silicone degradation and excretion which can minimize side effects from invasive operation.

Although filler injection sounds dangerous, it has fewer side effects compared with other methods for face shape correction. The key is you must select types of fillers that cause fewer side effects. In addition, the operation must be done by a professional physician. Although it is cheaper if it is done by an impostor, harmful side effects can occur, and treatment cost is definitely more expensive. The operation area must be standard and sterile; moreover, emergency equipment must be well prepared. Please keep in mind that beauty must come with safety.


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