Atchima Channel: Chubby Face Exit to V Shape Chin

chubby face treatment

To get into today's trend, you must have a slim face and V chin. What if you have a fat face with a wattle, what should you do? Actually, having a fat face is not strange or bad, but how to make the face in a good proportion and what kind of traits indicates that you have a fat face?

The Characteristics of Chubby Face

1. Chubby Cheeks

It comes with many reasons, such as baby fat caused by heredity. In general, when we get older, this fat will disappear naturally. However, many ladies hurry to remove this baby fat causing premature aging.Fat that should be quickly removed is muffin fat caused by connective tissue stretching, which can later cause a sagging face. It is found in overweight people with a lot of fat accumulation

2. Structure of the face shape

A lot of fat accumulated under the chin and wattle results in an unclear face and neckline. Due to aging, muscles will lose their tightness or become swell causing a chubby face. If young people undergo surgery to remove their chubby cheeks, they will look older than their real ages. But, in the case of aging people, if they have obese faces, here are the solutions for them:

  • The use of botulinum toxin: It is directly injected into the muscle causing a smaller face
  • Radiofrequency / Sound wave: It is used to break fat molecules, tighten and lift the facial skin, and also reduce the amount of facial fat.
  • Fat burning injections: It helps reduce the amount of excessive fat on the face to make your face smaller
  • Liposuction: a fast way to lose fat, but it is required a long recovery period. Moreover, it is an invasive treatment that may cause scars or even bruises. Patients must be in monitoring by a professional doctor for satisfying results without side effects.
  • Panniculectomy surgery: It is a permanent fat removal, but the open wound is required for inserting the tool into the body as liposuction. It must be performed by an expert doctor to prevent harm and side effects that may arise from the surgery.

chubby face treatment

The Prevention Before Being Chubby Face

It can be seen that there are several methods of fat removal that can make your face slim. The method depends on the suitability and the problem of the individual including restrictions of treatment such as recuperation, number of treatments, or, in some cases, they have to be treated with multiple methods at the same time.

The way to prevent a chubby face is by taking care of your weight, completing five food groups for perfect body function, controlling your calories each day, and maintaining the function of the immune, digestive, and excretion systems. In addition, proper exercise is needed. You should reduce free radicals, which are the culprit of aging affecting the degeneration of cells in the body.

Free radicals are caused by stress, exposure of toxins from food or smoking, overwork, and inadequate sleep. We also need to nourish our body by taking green vegetables, colorful fruits, or supplements. In present, intravenous saline is directly used in the U.S. or Europe for increasing antioxidants in the body. Saline is used for treatment or nutrient delivery in a group of people with inflammation or have high free radicals in the body in order to prolong and restore their health as well as slow down its deterioration.

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