Help me! I got melasma!


Help me! I got melasma!

      Melasma, one of the most concerning problems of women, is usually found after 35. However, nowadays, younger can also get melasma early caused by strong sunlight, chemicals, food, and cosmetics.

       Melasma occurred by malfunction of the pigment cells causing them to produce more cells on superficial skin. As a result, your skin intensity becomes uneven which looks like dark spots yet wider. As a result, it is a degeneration of skin cells causing hyperpigmentation. Melasma is most common in women 35-40 years of age. The factors are as follows:


1. Genetics: If family history is reported, it undeniably increases the risk of melasma.
2. Food: Unbalanced diet and too much meat can cause malasma. Biostimulants are widely used in animals; therefore, when biostimulants enter our body, it will change into hormones and disrupt our normal sex hormones. In addition, unbalanced diet causes abnormal digestion and absorption. Moreover, stress, obesity, fatty liver, alcohols, or toxins can affect hormonal imbalances, which are the origin of melasma.

3. Lack of some vitamins: Vitamin B deficiency such as vitamin B6 and B12 can cause abnormal function of melanin causing melasma.

4. Stress: Skin pigments are more produced causing melasma.

5. Cosmetics: Vitamin A and sulphuric acid in skin care can peel your skin off causing irritation and rashes. When our face exposes to sunlight, those areas will be darker and become permanent melasma. Moreover, exfoliating foam cleanser can cause thin skin which easily gets melasma.


Melasma management consists of external and internal treatments

External treatment
- Topical drug: Drugs inducing skin exfoliation or affecting skin cells production can cause less production of skin pigmentation. As a result, melasma will be faded.
- Laser or light therapy: This helps exfoliation of superficial skin by reducing vascular functions. Therefore, it can reduce melasma. However, postoperative care is required.
Internal treatment
- Acupuncture helps adjusting hormonal balance.
- Natural substance injection (Homeopathy) helps stimulating cells function, reducing chemical substances from skin cells, enhancing skin immune, and adjusting hormonal balance.
- Taking supplements with antioxidants or improving liver functions can reduce melasma according to the study.

         We can prevent our skin from melasma by applying sunscreen having UVA and UVB protection. For the most effective results, avoid heat which can cause vasodilation, apply moisturizer, and avoid facial scrub. The key is your skin must be strong. Therefore, avoid using contraceptive or hormonal drugs to delay menopause since it affects all of your body systems. Intensive care and knowledge are needed for preventing causes of melasma and the recurrent. Moreover, our daily life can originate melasma in earlier. As a result, to stay young, we must maintain a good health, choose high-quality skin products, eating beneficial foods, and boosting your immune system as well.


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